Abundance Meditation Channeled Beings of Light

So dear friends if you would journey with us for a few moments we are going to ask you to imagine in your beautiful mind’s eye that you are standing before a magnificent waterfall in a tropical paradise and dear ones that this waterfall is flowing powerfully and abundantly before you and that you are standing a safe distance from this beautiful magnificent sight.


And dear friends you hear the thunder of the water slapping against the stone and splashing all around you in this powerful spot where you stand. You are truly here to awaken to remember and to dream a new dream. To remember the abundance, the love and the powerful being that you truly, really are!

Take another gentle, cleansing breath.

So dear friends into this time you turn now away from the waterfall and you look upon this beautiful body of water wherein the waterfall runs off to, this beautiful lagoon or this lake or river dear friends and in this body of water your going to see the reflections of many of the ideas that you’ve been living, in this and other lifetimes. Your going to see the reflections of being many different characters in this story called life.

You are the giver, the receiver, the lover and the beloved, the teacher and the student, the healer and the one needing healing dear friends. The one that has great abundance and the one that longs for great abundance and all the roles that you would play in this wonderful creation story called life. You see the ones that you know and you see the ones that you may have imagined and your willingness to give yourself permission to remember, allows you the opportunity now to truly take your power back.

So in this sacred place we ask you to know that life is supporting you always. We ask you to acknowledge that no matter how it may appear to you, that Mother Earth and all the particulars that you need to live to grow and to blossom are coming into your life in as open and receptive a way as you will allow and dear ones if you are open and in agreement with that statement then go ahead and take another beautiful breath.

Letting life love you brings stillness to these waters and letting yourself love life invites you to be more of your true self, more of the spiritual being having and creating and inviting others to define themselves in this human experience. So dear friends we are going to invite the Divine Feminine to be a part of your experience now and in the magic of your imagination she is going to offer you a beautiful chalice, a magnificent holy grail, a cup that holds all of your desire. This cup is going to appear before you suspended in mid air and just allow it to be there as you take another gentle breath.

Dear friends you are transcending the illusions of the past, you are receiving the love of life as you, and dear ones you are reaching, sometimes elegantly, sometimes awkwardly, but you are reaching for a greater experience of your true self. There are 3 qualities that we ask you to desire to imagine and to receive for your world at this time.

The first quality is Trust.

That you would allow yourself to trust yourselves deeper and more powerfully than ever before; that you would allow yourself to understand that what is broken in the world, if anything is broken, is where humanity has put its faith and trust in ideas that no longer serve it. And it is looking everywhere for those who will remember what self trust is all about, so let that desire to trust yourself be in your cup right here and now and take a deep breath.

The second quality we are going to ask you to remember is Compassion.

Compassion for your world yes certainly of course. Dear ones you have always had compassion for your world. You are the lovers of life. You are the healers. You are the way showers. That has been the easy part; to be a giver, to be a nurturer, to care for others. But to open to having and receiving compassion for your Self, compassion for your needs, compassion for your desires, that has been harder, and we ask you in balancing humanity and yourself as the light workers of this time to let compassion likewise be placed in your cup and take a deep breath.

The third quality we ask you to receive is Love itself.

To really understand that there are no words, there are no limits, that it is the thing itself, the essence, the foundation, the purpose of all you are seeking; to give love certainly you are here for that and dear ones likewise to give love to yourself and thus to receive it. To see through the tears that begin in sorrow and end in joy that you are that which you are seeking. Whether is looks like a broken car or a chaotic family life or reaching for the dreams that have seemed too distant for too long. To love yourself enough to let life, and all that is, help you to say yes.

Take a deep breath.

So dear friends with this in your holy grail now we ask you to turn towards this magnificent waterfall and to step in. To step beneath this beautiful fountain of life that is pouring over these magnificent stones and to let it wash you let it purify you, let it cleanse you let it help you to release everything that needs and wants to be let go of.

The struggle, the fear, the uncertainty, the search for guarantees, the demand of proof, the caring of others opinions more than your own, all of it, fear of the unknown, all of it and anything else you would add to it.

Let the waters of life rain down upon you pour through you let them empty you out, and let yourself feel truly that you are the fountain of life once again, in flow, in purpose, in balance.

Now step through the waterfall here into the other side and find in the centre of this place in this cave that there is your Grail and dear ones your grail is flowing now the water of life from its own mysterious source.

You pick up this beautiful cup and you hold it now kneeling in an air of reverence and devotion to the divine within yourself, spoken or unspoken, and you place it in harmony and in balance with your heart chakra – take a deep breath, receiving its light receiving its grace, with your throat chakra – take a deep breath, receiving its light receiving its grace and with your third eye chakra – take a deep breath, receiving its light receiving its grace.

And Dear Ones…Now, in an instant, you and the cup of life, stand on the other side of the waterfall, and you stand before all your friends and family, all your guides, all the world, and it is here dear friends that you pour this cup into the water of life, and you invite them, your whole world, those you know and those you may never know to drink, to remember, to be free, as well.

Take a deep breath.

This cup, like the waterfall is eternal, and ever flowing, and ever giving, and ever knowing,

Dear friends you place this cup now in your crown chakra and this cup of light now becomes luminous and radiant as it shines its light, connecting heaven to earth, connecting source to its expression, outside of time, beyond space, in the infinite wisdom of love.

You accept now that you are the cup of life, that you are the divine flowing to you and through you. That everyone’s needs are met and everyone’s desires are fulfilled as your own are met and fulfilled. You begin to understand and know that all is coming back into balance, into harmony, into oneness.
Take a deep breath.

Dear friends whenever wherever you want to remember who you are you can imagine this Grail, the cup of life, ever flowing all knowing, ever giving eternally alive.

It is you, your soul, your spirit, and whatever you desire the cup of life holds it for you and when you hold it before you, aligning it to your chakras to drink it in, to stand beneath it, to pour it out into the world, so truly all are blessed, and all are a blessing.

Take a deep breath.

Dear friends, abundance is the stars in the night sky, it is the grains of sand upon the beach, the snowflakes in a winter storm, the drops of rain in the spring! It is infinite, unconditional, and absolute giving, like Love itself it only asks to be acknowledged or appreciated in order to be received.

In the oneness of all that is, be at peace! Be the peace of this time, shine your light, share your love, feel the gratitude, the joy the happiness, and dear friends yes, the fun of truly knowing who you are and how life works together for good for all without exception without condition it always says yes!

Dear friends we will bring 7 stars down to represent our vibration, take a deep breath, aligning crown third eye and throat, heart centre, will centre, sexual centre, and root, moving down into mother earth and up into the heavens.

Dear friends the blessing of this time upon each and every one of you.

Above and below, to the left and right, before, behind, within and all around, truly all is well. Be at peace and we will meet again…

The Pleiadian Beings of Light,

Love and Light!