Your role as the teacher is to let others be where they are.

Because if it’s ok for them to be where they are, then it’s ok for you to be where you are. Then it’s ok for you to be you. Then you’re not trying to save the world or fix anyone. You’re being your truest self and inviting others to do the same.

People have to want to change. they have to want to be happy and believe that they can be happy in order to change.

Your happiness is not dependent on anyone else unless you decide that it must be. So decide that you are totally responsible for your own happiness! What a great gift to the world that truly is!

The moment you’ve used the word “Should” everything you want stops. Because you’ve gone into your head and shut your heart. It’s a form of resistance, or of idealizing negatively onto what is.

When you say should (usually) you’re trying to talk yourself into something. Which is another way of saying it’s not obviously feeling true or right on the first hearing of the idea. Pay attention to not talking yourself into things, but rather trusting what you feel and consciously working with and asking for clarity about what you feel.

Guilt is taking negative responsibility for another’s unhappiness. What people do not take responsibility for, they become powerless around and the longer they believe it the worse it gets, because it’s not true. Responsibility and power must go hand in hand. You only have power over that which you take responsibility for.

The good news is that once drama gets your attention and you take responsibility for your part in it, it will heal very quickly. Your happiness is your path to empowerment. Not talking yourself into things that don’t feel obviously good or true at the start.

What brings joy to your heart, when you imagine it and dream it and fantasize it-that is your Spirit. And when you do things that are pleasing to your Spirit, you become more of your Spirit. And when you do those things that bring more of your Spirit into your body and mind, into this time and space…then you begin to magnetize the more Spiritual people and events into your life. Then you begin to live in a new vibration. When you’re consciously connecting to your Spirit, and attaining, maintaining and sustaining a higher vibration, what you’ve asked for will manifest out of the blue, in the way you least expect it, better than you’ve imagined possible: revealing your true nature.