Becoming The Whole Self – Balancing Feminine & Masculine

Every human being on the planet has a sense of 
 separation from the Divine. We want to help you change that. 
you’re in a time of powerful change. you know that, you feel that and you’re a part of that. and that’s why we call to you and that’s why you’re available to energy such as ours. 
to strengthen and accelerate and to deepen you connection to your truest self, to your higher self, soul and spirit. 
the journey of your spirit in this lifetime has been to begin in one vibration (the 3rd dimension) and to leave in another (the 5th dimension). That’s where we hang out. So it’s our pleasure to act as your guides here. To act as ambassadors of the eternal moment (life eternally) and into the future. 
your experience of time is changing, your experience of your emotions is deepening, and intensifying! and your experience of your mind is undergoing alot of shifts as well. More security and clarity for some of you, great confusion and  fears for others. And that’s as it needs to be. 
all of this is because you signed up for the lifetime of lifetimes…you said i would like to be a part, indeed a conscious part of this incredible shift and healing and awakening of the spiritual nature of humanity. i am willing to go first. i am willing to offer myself, to surrender my self, to give fully and freely of my self, my gifts talents and abilities, in dedicated and joyous service to this great and noble goal. 
so here you are and here we are with you. so it is a time of coming together. it is a time of enlightened community and enlightened group consciousness and collective consciousness. 
it’s a time of reaching across the boundaries and the boarders of the sexes and the religions, the skin tones, and the cultures and all of that. as you know, well you know. 
finding and following the path of the heart, finding and following your path of joy, of worth, of intimacy between yourself and a conscious and loving universe. 
you come into the vibration now, of 2013, a year unlike any you have ever experienced before. it really is the year of leadership. 
it really is the year of taking your power, and finding your voice, and bringing your vision out into the world. 
so it is our pleasure to support you, to empower or assist you in whatever way, vibrationaly, informationally, inspirationally feels comfortable for you. 
you all have such a sense of affinity with the pleiadian mindset, culture, vibration, all of that. particularly our focus with those that we connect with here is mostly going to be about healing. 
it’s mostly going to be about letting go of struggle, doubt and fear. finding and following a path into the deepest part of yourself, finding and following your truth. 
learning to let go consciously and joyously, of whatever no longer serves or supports you. as whatever you perceive yourself to be and to becoming. perhaps that’s the best word to focus on hear thus far. 
that you are becoming, that you are in the process of consciously becoming. many of you have throughout this  
and other lifetimes you’ve been preparing for the energies of 2013 and beyond. where you are integrating. 
we say activation, integration, manifestation. 
first you let go of what no longer serves you here. of the pain, the fear the doubt and the uncertainty. victim consciousness, that’s the phrase we were looking for. 
and you open up! you learn to live from the inside out. you learn to live in a space of not knowing. of living in the gap in between what has been and what is yet to be. in faith believing, in your truest self, in appreciation, in advance, in preparation for,in detached expectation and allowance of that which you are calling forth.  
then out of the blue, in the way you’ve least expected it, better than you’ve imagined possible, your dreams and desires will manifest for you, because they manifest thru you. 
you are the wayshowers, and the dreamweavers. You are the lightworkers.  you are the ones the world knows not of. that have chosen to go first. to lead the charge, into the unknown, in to the uncreated, into the unimagined. 
in that dance, in that vibration, between now and then, here and there, what is and what is yet to be. you leave behind more and more, the prison of duality, the judgements of the third dimension. the limitations and the lack that have been so endemic of the victim consciousness of good and bad alike. 
it’s been profoundly and critically important for you to make your own journey to find your self where you are today. and our hearts and our spirits and our love and our light, surround and support you at every opportunity. to the degree that you will allow us to be real, to be a part of your journey, to be available, to be apart of your vibration in a way that you trust and respect. 
beyond that dear ones, as you are seeing more and more, we’re not doing you any favors. that this is truly the law of attraction, that like attracts like, that which you hold as true in your heart, becomes your experience in your life, without exception. 
that we and your guides are a part of the smallest to the grandest expression of that vision of your vibration.