Calling Into The Unknown: Making A Friend of Fear

 Calling into the Unknown: Making A Friend of Fear

“do not fear the darkness in yourself, in others, or in the world,

it is simply the contrast that invites you to shine your light and to express your love!

Take a nice deep breath.
All right dear friends sit up nice and straight
Breathe from your crown down to your feet

You all have spirit guides that are working with you and through you right now

You need not be afraid of what you do not know
We invite you to trust what you feel

Dear friends if you are taking a walk through the dark room at night, if you wake in the middle of the night and need to go to the toilet and the lights are off and you don’t want to turn them on.

What do you do?

You remember what was there you get a sense of where your going and you feel you way gently and easily through it

Now if you wake up and you are frightened… that’s a different story

You’re anxious worried about something you might get distracted you might stumble you might bump into something

That’s all it is dear friends
That’s all life is

There is you version 2 being confident being inner directed and inner connected and feeling your way with dignity and grace and that feels wonderful

Then there is you version 1 distraction and chaos and fear
So dear friends that is all that is different between you and the fearful self that so many are experiencing right now

Fear will come up

If you take time and make space to breathe into it to face it to invite it to be a friend to you
Can fear be your friend absolutely
Because fear is trying to give you a message

There is something that you have forgotten
There is something you don’t know
There is something you don’t believe

And you are afraid because you are in resistance to the power of yourself the love of yourself the goodness of yourself
Fear always says your going to lose something

You’re going to suffer
You’re going to be hurt

The higher self the true self says there is nothing to loose

You can’t be hurt
You are all that is

Take a breath into that

So dear friends you get up in your imagination and you decide…

I’m going to take the next step in my life with love.

And as I do that I am going to bless the unknown in my life the details the circumstances the relationships the finances my health I call it all good

And I call forth the good that God that Spirit that All That Is holds for me about all these particular needs and desires

I welcome the good that Spirit holds for me in the unknown in my life now

Take a deep breath

And then just sit with that dear friends

Sit in the darkness
Sit in the quiet
Sit in the stillness
Sit in the peace of yourself

And let the unknown be a friend

Let it be a guide
Let it be a source of healing

And then when you are feeling like you have gotten what you wanted and needed to get

No rush
No resistance
Patients peace openness trust
You will feel full dear friends
How long should I meditate

When should I meditate

Whenever fear comes up that is an invitation to go within
When you go back to peace you will know when you have arrived because you will feel full


Oh yes I realise

I remember

That I am a spiritual being
That all is good in my life
That all is intended to be loving and kind and care full for me

And I believe it once again
I trust myself
And I don’t need to be afraid of the unknown
Whatever is for me will come to me in the perfect way in the perfect time
Whatever is not for me I bless it I release it and I let it go

Take a deep breath

Dear friends here is something that we want to say to you loud and clear

To the degree that you have been taught to believe in fear
To the degree that it makes sense to you and you believe that there is a negative force a resistant or destructive force

To that degree dear friends you have denied or disowned or discounted

Your love and light

And so dear friends to be a victim of anyone or anything means to deny the truth of who you are to some degree
It is a part of the human journey dear friends but it doesn’t need to be a part of your journey any longer

Take a deep breath

You can have compassion for the fears of others
You can be strong in the face of others confusion
You can be bountiful in the belief of lack and struggle and fear

You can be loved even when love seems so hard to come by
And dear friends as you allow yourself to believe to understand and to remember that this is possible
You will allow yourself to feel the truth of it

And you can affirm to yourself in through and as my life in every area perfectly beautifully and effortlessly now and forever

Take a deep breath

And then dear friends you bless

The resistance
The separation
The otherness

In your life in yourself in your world
And you invite it to awaken to its true nature
As you are awakening to yours
And then dear friends heaven is at your feet
The world is yours

You have remembered those moments such as this that truly you have all the power that the creator would ever give to any part of its creation

You have the power to awaken
You have the power to dream a new dream
And you have the power to step into that new dream joyous happy and free
We love you so

Take a deep breath

So dear friends do not fear the darkness in yourself in others in the world it is simply the contrast that invites you to shine your light and to express your love
And as you do dear friends to yourself and to others they will feel it

Even if it is only a thought
Even if its only a prayer
Even if its only a wish

They are, you are so ready dear friends for a world so much brighter and so much easier than the one you have known
It is at hand dear friends
It is within you

Take a deep breath

We bring our seven stars down and align with your seven centres
Crown third eye throat heart centre will centre sexual centre root
Above and below
To the left and right
Before and behind
Within and all around

Dear friends a technique from Venus to remember the power of love

A vision board
A symbol
An affirmation
And taking time to remind yourself of what is your intention and being grateful and thankful for knowing it is so

Dear friends be at peace
We will meet again in the oneness of love

Peace and blessings