Do You Know Who You Are?

You are unique, you are precious,

and you are sacred.

In all the Universes...

there is only one you.

You are a gift

from Consciousness To Life.

Lifetime After Lifetime,

You Have Bravely Sought To Know This.

To Remember This.

To Be Free.

To Know Love, To Give Love,

And To Be Loved,

To Know That Love Is All There Is,

Be Who You Are.

Be Love...

"To dream is beautiful,

to dream yourself awake is powerful,

to create your own dream is magical.

All of these are possible in a world where love

is more real than fear.

Choose to enlighten your dreams,

awaken your love and take your rightful

place with the Angels of this world

and beyond."

We are here to help you,

never to do it for you. "

Lou Martin
Skype Lightheart2012