What you offer up to spirit to co-create with you is always done. What you believe you have to figure out on your own…is when you’re truly on your own.

“Use me and this situation/relationship for your divine and joyous purpose. I know all is truly well for me and those I love! Thank you Higher Self, Holy Spirit!”

Peace is where your power is, and until you can reconnect with your peace and feel your oneness with your Spirit, you’re in the illusion of separation and that’s why there’s all this drama!

The more you trust your feelings the easier life becomes. the more you try to live from the outside in, there has to be a challenge or a crisis to get your attention because in those situations your moving away from your truth rather than living by it.

When you come back to peace and can sustain it for longer periods of time, to go into peace as often and as deeply as possible, then truly anything is possible, we do not exaggerate one little bit.

When your in a state of peace what’s next is going to be wonderful. But if your in a state of struggle, what’s next could be a problem. That’s it.

There is no higher power that asks humanity to suffer and struggle and worry and argue. That’s not the will of creation or your creator. That’s people lost in the illusion.

When you’ve had enough and your sick to death, then you start looking within. Everything you want is within you, and is accessible through a state of peace, then inspiration, imagination, manifestation starts to hum inside of you and if you will maintain your focus on feeling good it must reveal itself as your next experience.

Out of the blue, in the way you least expect it, better than you’d imagined possible revealing your true nature.

How good can you stand it is really the question. Not how little can I settle for?

The more you look within, and the more you love yourself, respect yourself, and feel good about yourself, the better will be your opportunities, relationships and resources without.

Even if it’s just in your imagination throughout the day. That’s the place where denial can be positive. Where you allow yourself to dream and to believe in your dreams.

The ego wants to argue about proof. There is no such thing as proof, just like there are no victims. There is only the evolving soul dancing with belief about Self within and without in every moment.

You will always only ever prove what you believe and if you cannot believe it you will prove that as well. What lifts your heart and stirs your soul and fires your imagination is what Spirit invites you to believe which is always true and always will be true.

The body and mind and ego are all tools to learn about the illusion of separation, not to stay there…but to awaken into Self beyond the illusions to what is eternally true and joyous and loving.

Humanity (the wound, the wounded inner child) wants to say….But I really was victimized! And we say Yes. But do you think that’s all that you are? Or do you think you might be more than that?

Until one is ready to forgive and really to forgive Self (for allowing/inviting/believing in and release) the drama, the pain the fear seems too powerful and too real.

But when you really cross the threshold of your heart and surrender back into your spirit by taking your power back by releasing the wound and the judgments around the wound, until that sacred moment, you’re lost outside of yourself trying to get back in.