Lou Martin

I freely and fully accept with you here and now, Spirit, that my will and your will are in truth one will, which cocreates everything for a joyous and wonderous purpose. therefore use me, my gifts, talents and abilities, this day for that joyous purpose which you can see and call forth that i have yet to know as my greatest yet to be. i am so thankful to rest in the freedom and abundance that is my life in Spirit now.
so it is and so i let it be!
peace and blessing


When you say you are “moved” by someone’s example, that is a profound state of inner connection. when something stirs and is deeply moved within you, you’re reconnecting with all that is within your very self. when you can allow yourself to be moved consciously and deliberately, when you can open yourself up so completely and intentionally in this way that your soul and spirit is called into action, then you really are knocking on the door where everything exists within yourself. that’s what we’re invititing you to know about your will.

The difference between the old and new worlds that you’re all dancing between at this moment in this lifetime, is that you’re going to fully understand how powerful and unlimited your inner self is, and begin to work with it and call upon it, to such a degree that you’re going to realize the outer is always, only a reflection of the inner and you have total dominion and control over one so that you can finally feel safe and free in the other.


The most powerful time of your day is when you align your heart soul and spirit in conscious focus and thanksgiving for having what you want in three steps: believing in it, feeling it and expecting it. then people say…but that’s so simple and so easy! yes it is. and the challenge is that most people still have judgements and limiting beliefs around simplicity and ease.

But you don’t need to hang onto what doesn’t work any longer just because the rest of the world is still trapped in the mind of fear and confusion. you in your celebration of peace and love, of simplicity and ease, will continue to feel more self-loving and self-honoring and see more examples of grace and abundance, love and joy flow into your life.

Over time the world will begin to abandon it’s love of struggle and proof and will surrender to the journey to the heart inside that is the sovereign sanctuary of every man woman and child of this Earth


You step into time and space so that you can become more than time and space. So that you can transcend the illusions of separation. Then the illusion is complete and has served it’s purpose. A miracle is the transcendance of time and space with deliberate intent and conscious awareness. This is why the inner journey with meditation or prayer is so essential. Because until one is willing to make the inner journey and take one’s power back from the appearance of things, the outer circumstances dictate one’s experience entirely.

When the Earth becomes inhabited by millions of conscious cocreative spiritual human beings, which is the next step. Then your current paradigm of talking your self via the mind/ego into what no longer feels good or makes sense to your heart, as this current chapter makes way to the next one, this paradigm of fear and confusion will be dismantled.

Then in that freedom, that you are cocreating through your openess to these ideas and energies, you will begin to reconnect with Spirit and other Spiritually Evolved Beings, then you’re going to know that you’re not alone in this Universe ever again, nor have you ever been. Because the illusion of separation is just that from the mind and the ego, and as your hearts open in joy and love, you’re going to see what’s been there all along.


The time has come in this world for humanity to know what uncondtional love truly means. The heart knows what the mind struggles to believe. In my heart of hearts I know that I am free. And I am willing to live that and honour that everyday. It is in this joy and peace that I celebrate my Oneness with All that is and say Yes! I am alive and I am eternal, and all that I am is a Gift from Source!

Use me this day higher self, holy spirit, in ecstatic and devotional freedom and love. I know truly that all is so very, very good with me and all who are willing to awaken to unconditional love now in my world. We are One. We are Life. We are Unconditonal Love of All That Is! For ever and ever.
I let it be! Now and in All ways and for Always!
So it is! Peace and Blessings!