So here is the way we want to simplify it: You are consciousness. Period. Each and every one of you are consciousness, you’re creating right now the perfect environment, and we emphasize PERFECT, for your growth and evolution.

There is a structure and order, a divine structure and order inherent in your reality creation of love. Yet in your free will and attention to what you choose you’re always allowing or resisting the deeper structure and order of YOU and your World. Well that’s the paradox you see… they are not all true equally.

You have been looking at your history: that which is known and accepted and that which is more controversial. When you discover some of these more challenging ideas, and give your attention and energy to that then you are changing your environment here and now in that moment. You are adding something you’re open to. You’re inviting something, all of that… but to come back to keeping it simple…

If it feels good for you, feels loving and positive and nurturing kind and caring and joyous, then that is your connection to what source wants you to co create.If it feels angering and upsetting and disappointing and frustrating and struggling, that’s you and the human experience taking a step away from source. Which you have every right to do, that’s your choice. You understand all of that and you have learned all of that.

Channeling The Pleiadians- Lou Martin