What we’ve denied  must be released , so we invite you to have compassion for your fear, It’s completely part of the process of going deeper into the unconscious  so that things are now coming up to be released.
When we first wake up is the strongest connection between the unconscious and the conscious mind, and the unconscious says look at this….
Compassion is a high state of Spiritual intentionality, where your’re inviting the pain , the fear, the struggle to surrender .
All the answers are in the unconscious mind but because we have been afraid of the drama, the pain, we’ve pushed it away. But in Compassion we say: ” I will accept all of My emotions , and that acceptance allows the space for everything to release that is not Love “.
If the mind gets busy just stop and take three deep breaths and just come back into your body, deeper, deeper , deeper into the present moment. Fear contracts and Peace and Love expand.
When we can have compassion for our pain and fear, then we are changing  our mind in that moment of what we think that means and changing our minds allows that energy to be released.
Here comes Seven stars to your Heart chakra and see our stars as the rings of Saturn orbiting your heart chakra, take a deep breath .
Repeat : “It’s safe for me to accept myself, to love myself, and to be myself” as your loving heart grows and expands, you become surrender by a beautiful ball of white Light and just feel it in your body and around you, that you are shining your Light and shining your Love “
The mind and the head decide what I will and will not feel, but now with the inner journey of meditation , you will find the peace inside of yourself. The space for Grace is the allowance to let whatever has been denied to be expressed and released.
When you can encounter pain or struggle or fear with kindness, compassion and acceptance, you are moving through the resistance.
The physical and emotional bodies are the channels for the flow of energy: sexual, spiritual, physical, emotional…
It’s All energy,
It’s All flowing,
It’s All one and oneness.
As you Love yourself unconditionally no matter what you’re feeling or what you’re thinking, you keep putting the needle where you want to listen the music of your life.
As you are learning that you can through your focus get back what you want to feel , than you can Let go the old feelings, the old illusions . Because the energy of resistance is not holding them in place any longer.
The safer you feel the more able you are to feel and to know what you are feeling. There is a whole Universe inside the people they don’t know about. In the physical body ,allow yourself to breath through any discomfort or any fear, or any pain and you’ll move the energy to the other side of it.
The more powerful you become, the more ready you are to face whatever appears and to know that you  have help and that you invite that help to guide you.
Knowing is when you come back to peace.
It’s the willingness to take every challenge and find the opportunity to greater Love within it.
As you Love yourselves,  as you give to yourselves, as you honor yourselves that goes into your field, that begins to create the experiences that you are looking for.
3 Steps that allows you to go from Resistance to Release:
Acceptance : I feel something perhaps is not pleasant
Compassion: I open My heart to it, I Love myself in the Presence of this.
Forgiveness: I take responsibility for inviting something less that what I desire .
Acceptance, Compassion , Forgiveness that is moving back from the head and down into the heart.
On the other side : Love, Joy, Appreciation moves you from the heart back into Creation:
First you go within, then you get clear, then from that clarity you bring it without.
Surrender and release is when the resistance has been acknowledge and brought back to your center and you transform it into the energy of what you do want. It’s turning the cup over, It’s emptying out , It’s letting go…and then affirmation, prayer, meditation, then you are filling up the cup, now I’m even more clear, then you have peace of mind, when your heart feels safe, strong and confident , your mind is clear and peaceful .
All healing is the willingness to being humble over the meaning of what has happened.
“I don’t know what that means, I don’t know what the answer is, I don’t know How to heal this, I just know that I can do that, I can heal that, I can realize that” .
You come back to the Truth when you have Peace, you come back to Knowing when you have Wisdom .
The process of our conversation is always in response to what you are Ready to remember.
There is a space for Grace between where you are at right Now and where you want to go,
So with All of our answers We are leaving bread crumbs on the trail and so you can find your own way,
because it is your journey, but our gift to you is to tell you that you have that way within you
and to offer suggestions, then you’ll find which One and How much suits you.
It’s a beautiful dance of co-creation.