The longer you are willing to entertain the dramas of others, or something that is untrue for yourself, for the sake of being nice or kind or helpful, you’re always paying a price for that. When something feels out of balance pay attention to that. The moment the party stops being fun we want you to go.

The more you clean the lens of your own mirror, the more clearly you can see that all of life is love or fear, you can be in your power by opening your heart and trusting what the guidance within is telling you.

You were all programmed to abandon yourself…that’s quite a war story you’re telling us over here. From this moment forward if you let your feelings be your guide to trust what you’re feeling and follow your own guidance. I value myself and I value my feelings.

There is no-one outside of your own open-hearted connection to love, that has any authority over your own happiness ever again. You can love yourself like you’ve always wanted to be loved.

Look for the good, look for the unexpected, and the wonderful and you will always be delighted and surprised that what you’ve given to yourself, will begin to mirror back to you throughout your life.

Then you might say…this is what I’ve learned to heal and empower myself from Spirit.

I know who and what I am. I am the fully empowered mystic. 
I am a spiritual being loving my conscious human experience.