As you progress you are given/you create more freedom.
If you are clear about your values then Freedom is a gift.
But if you are unsure about your values, and don’t or can’t rely on them,
Then Freedom can also create space for more chaos.
Freedom is about not having to be so perfect with everyone all of the time.
For Example: If someone is angry it doesn’t mean you are wrong…
It just means that they are willing to blame you for their unhappiness.
If you have doubts about your worth, or your ability to choose…
Your mind will say:
“Am I Ok?… may be I am not Ok ” and then we attract
parents and partners and bosses who say:
“No! You are not ok!”.
No one needs to know that you are forgiving yourself.
But as you do that, your relationships become cleaner and clearer.
Until we learn to forgive ourselves the world has our power.
It’s helpful to forgive others because they’re a projection of yourselves.
But the essence of your Freedom is to love, accept and forgive yourselves.
As you forgive yourselves then you become willing to not give others your power.
When you work with the Seven Stars, (or any visualization from Spirit) there you feel you have that power to change your reality.
To use your imagination and emotion to create the changes within that reflect changes without.
“Until we make this inner journey consciously the outer world control us completely”.
The key to power is peace of mind :
” I feel good about myself” and if you don’t feel good about yourselves,
there is something there that you need to let go of, acknowledge, surrender and release.
This understanding is the bridge between the world you’ve come from and the world you are creating.
“It doesn’t matter what you think, it only matters how you feel.” (Abraham)
So we chose thoughts that help us to feel better and we recognize when we are choosing other thoughts.
So if I’m thinking a fearful thought or a guilty thought that’s disturbing my peace and I need to let that go.
And how I know I’ve let it go is  I come back to peace , I come back to feel good with myself again.
It doesn’t matter if we forgive each other so much as we feel peaceful in each others presence.
But It’s easier to forgive ourselves and each other cause that keep us in a state of peace.
As you release your anger, you will feel safer to love yourself and accept yourself.
In general men project their emotional needs on to women
and women project their power needs on to men.
But Now you are breaking free.
“I am willing to give to myself what I want life to give to me”
I open the door of my heart soul and spirit to receive that”
That is why guilt is a cover over for anger.
“I am frustrated, but I cannot or will not express myself so I’m going to feel bad for you and your unhappiness”.
Women’s power is really to honor the emotional guidance within and to trust that.
“Instead of feeling guilty I can forgive myself” or “express my self!”
 Healing The Victim 
“Instead of feeling victimized or powerless I can forgive myself for judging myself, for giving my power away…”
If we open our hearts to peace, Spirit will inspire us .
That inspiration that’s being in the flow of life, of love, of success ..
The feminine energy is your state of beingness.
Doing nothing simply by knowing who you are.
By Being and focusing on your beingness.
The quality of your being.
When we can journey from the mind to the heart to Spirit
consciously everyday over and over and over , then this becomes very easy.
The Word “Should”
Then you don’t talk yourself into things: “What should I do? What’s right? What’s appropriate?
Instead you are praying to/asking God/Goddess/All That Is…
“Guide me to a peaceful solution for this situation and God thank you for my work, my home, my Spiritual journey…
I’m open to receive all the good you have for me today. I know my happiness, God is your first thought. Your will for me is only good, only happiness. And I’m grateful to know that and I’m grateful to receive it.”
When we know who we are and our heart is open, the energy is flowing through us and what we intend , manifest.