Imagine 7 stars spiral down through time and space and let them rest on the top of your head at the crown and take a deep breath. You might feel a rush of energy or an opening to more light and let it flow down through your seven chakra centers and down into Mother Earth. Relax and release. We’re going to invite you to take a journey with us to enter a magical space within yourself…called your heart of hearts!

Begin in the heart chakra, the heart itself.

ghhhbcjfImagine your standing before a grand doorway in your mind’s eye at the end of a dark hallway. You come down this dark hallway, you can imagine that you’re dreaming this if you like? And you’ve come here looking for answers to life’s mysteries. You’re looking for a clearer idea of who you are and what you’re about.

You’re going to take a little time to go into your own heart. So just take a deep breath? You invite the heart, you ask. You say…”My heart of hearts, I need your guidance and your love.”

The door opens dear ones.

And go ahead and step through that door way and see on the other side is a magnificent crystal cave filled with light streaming in from above.

You begin to explore a beautiful cave with a lot of sparkling crystals illuminated by the sunlight from above, strangely and mysteriously.

You see a beautiful stream flowing through this cave. And you see that there’s a translucent transparent covering over the top of this cave that allows the blue skies and the golden sunlight to stream into this magical cave, illuminating the crystals that seem to be everywhere and the water sparkling and flowing in the center of this space.

So you’re going to begin to explore this magical cave, feeling quite at home because you are in your heart of hearts. You’re going to find somewhere very comfortable to sit down or lie down. Or you might choose to take your shoes off and begin to wade in the cooling waters of the stream here, splashing about.

Just allow yourself to drink in the energy here, the peace, the beauty, the majesty, your heart of hearts. You begin to hear the sound of music here as well, a familiar tune you know and love or perhaps some beautiful singing with one voice or many that you’ve never heard before.

Your heart of hearts is going to help you to awaken once again. Just take a deep breath into that. You find the perfect place to sit or lie down and allow the music and light and crystals and flowing stream to put you into a deep state of relaxation, almost like a waking dream.

You might imagine that somehow you’ve let one hand gently hold onto a crystal and the other hand fall into the water and let it be soothed and held by the water. And you let the magical energies wash over you dear ones: the sunlight streaming through the glass above you, the crystals and water reflecting the dancing lights and the wonderful sounds of the music flowing all around you.

Here you are! You are so safe and so relaxed and so peaceful in this suspended moment. It’s here in your heart of hearts that you can awaken. So often in your world you might hear others or yourself talk about what’s ok, and what’s possible and what’s acceptable. None of that holds any sway here dear friends.

This is the dreaming part of you and this is the dreamer part of you as well. Here there are no limits to your imagination or your desires. When we speak of awakening, we’re talking about awakening the dreamer…with the music and the crystals and the water and the lights…the energies playing all around you.

We’re talking about you feeling so very good and so very peaceful and content and so very happy… It’s from here that a spark of light suddenly lifts from your chest where you are laying and begins to float around this space.
You might go with it, you might stay behind, you might become it. But let your heart dance on the light on the sun and the crystal and the water reflected and with the sounds of the water and the music. Let your Spirit dance with you right here and now.

Just feel the freedom and the beauty and the love and the joy to dream anything you like. To imagine anything you like, to want anything you like, and to be the dreamer awakening. You’re awakening to remember that you’ve come into this lifetime, to understand with and through your heart, to teach and to channel, to express and experience, through your heart, your Spirit dear friends, though the energy of this and other lifetimes woven together in a magnificent tapestry of love and light.

Take a deep breath.

If there’s one dream in particular that you’re wanting a deeper connection to, if there’s anything that you’re working on healing or manifesting, then let the crystals and the music, the light, the water and your dancing spirit weave all of that together and allow it all to come back into your heart right where you are now.

Receive the gift of your spirit in love and with light and grace.

Take a deep breath.

Receive the grace of your spirit in this sacred place, and know that you can know clearly and truly your passion and your purpose in this lifetime. You are awakening, remembering and beginning to dream your new dream. You’re dreaming the dream of a life and a world that works for you and inspires all.

Take a deep breath.

As always we like to give thanks whenever we’ve touched the energy of the Divine, we give heartfelt and sincere thanks with you and through you, and dear ones for you as well. You come into a powerful place in your heart of hearts right here and now.

Anytime you imagine or remember or pretend the door of your heart will open once again and you’ll be here once again.

Phaedrus-The Pleiadians
Channeled by Lou Martin