I honor my truest self in the light of all i am now creating. (x3 times)

after all the inner work and all the outer expressions, to understand who you are is to be in harmony and balance with the divine timing of your life. everything you need to live a conscious life is held unconditionally in the heart. but until you reach the very limits of your will and your resources, you are unwilling, unable or unprepared to surrender unconditionally.

when we tell you that the only way forward is to give everything over to spirit….how impossible or reckless that seems to most people. but when you do practice this inner journey of healing into trust, through the daily surrender of all fears and of all desires to spirit, you’re really trusting your truest self at the deepest level and from there, the miracles can and do occur.

finally, as always give thanks. not to spirit, but to life for opening your heart to what is eternal joyous and free. peace and blessings!