“Your Heart is the Master of Your World.” 
Channeling is getting into an altered state, a trance state, a meditative state of receptivity and trust.
It raises your vibration and the energies of your Spiritual Guides and your Higher Self become more available to you.
You work with the Light of your Soul and Spirit, as you work with your imagination and emotion.
So the heart is the master and the mind is the servant.
As you allow that to be the case than you will find Peace, and Love will be coming into your life more beautifully, more elegantly and more easily with each passing day.
It’s a time of coming together.
It’s a time of building community and of building a sense of purpose to move the energies of Consciousness, your own and of the world, in the direction of where you truly want this planet to evolve.
The more the heart opens the safer you feel and the more you can and do trust yourself.
The whole journey of Love: of Intimacy, of oneness and closeness, of giving and receiving , of appreciating  and supporting, of trusting, and opening up together… all of that, creates greater opportunities for Spirit to demonstrate to you, the possibilities to transcend time and space to learn and to remember to create Magic and Miracles.
That’s you at the ending of the third and the beginning of the forth dimension and beyond in this world.
Your soul is looking for greater permission to Trust your inspiration.
When you are in Love with things and ideas and possibilities then the voice of Spirit will find you .
The heart is the master of your life and as you allow yourself to receive inspiration you won’t stop yourself for doing the things that you Love to do.
When people say they are stuck , the other word for that is that they are afraid. What are you afraid of Dear One ?
Failure, Death , destruction, humiliation…
The secret here is Forgiveness
When you forgive yourself, when you judge yourself, when you doubt yourself, when you are hard on yourself …here’s no way to prove to your doubting mind that you are deserving of happiness and joy from that place of struggle and fear or stuckness.
So when your heart is side open you can Love yourself, you can accept yourself and you can forgive yourself from your doubts and fears.
For women the inability to feel emotionally empowered tends to be the denial of anger and for men it tends to be the denial of grief.
In your society you’ve inherited an unspoken emotional rule book that says..Men are allowed to be angry but not sad. And Women are allowed to be sad but never angry.
So in healing the Emotional Body and feeling safe loved and supported in yourself to open your heart… Men need to grieve and women need to release anger. Then you can come back into balance and wholeness.
Women need their fire and men need their water. Women need that passion and men need that compassion . And then together they can move mountains.
If you are frozen in not releasing the pain and fear of others or your own, then when you feel pain and fear from others it brings that up inside of you.
How do I come into more balance ?
It’s really about forgiveness, compassion and acceptance.
First there has to be this clearing away of the confusion.
The feelings of being stuck is fear. Confusion is fear. Judgement is fear.
So what is not fear?
Well Love is not fear!
But in my fear I feel very far away from Love Spirit.
So , how do you get back to Love?
By softening, opening, deepening.
By slowing down.
Stop pressuring yourselves!
Stop letting others pressure you!
Stop living in your head and discover that this is so.
When you are in your confused-stuck-mind, you are telling yourself what you can and cannot do, be, and have…
What you will and will not feel.
But when you have Love and compassion, forgiveness and acceptance…
When you soften , open, deepen within yourself to the centre of your being…
When you’re grateful…
Then you are saying “I Love me”.
And ” I Love me even in the mindset of this contrast or crisis.
And… “I’m going to find My Divine path through it and back into the fullness of who I am”.
And as you focus on that, believing in your Spiritual Nature, believing in your right to be happy, believing in your ability to be inspired by your Guides in any moment…
Then the Miracles will happen!
So do you prove that to yourself?
No, you don’t need to prove that to yourself .
You decide : ” This is Now My Truth!
I’m going to be abundant and I’m going to feel Good about myself and I’m going to focus on the voice of Spirit, which is inspiration.
If I’m not inspired I’m going find things to be grateful for, to soften in my heart, to open, to deepen to.
As I feel good then the ideas will bubble up in my peaceful mind, but If my mind is telling my heart what to feel , then my heart is closed and my Will is in charge and my mysticism and my Magic and my miracles are just temporarily at hold.
If you are in fear, your fist is closed and you cannot give or receive.
If you are in peace, your hand is open and you can give and receive.
And life is inviting you every single moment to know : is my hand open or closed?
Is my heart open or closed?
Am I open or closed to life , to myself, to God?…
Get passionate about what you Love and then be humble about how you receive it.
The Ego is that “Should” voice, that critical parent to whom you are never good enough, no matter what you do or don’t do.
It’s just there in It’s fear.
It is merciless.
When you give yourself kindness and compassion, then you can say :
“I feel Good about myself, and I Trust myself and I can be Inspired!”
For Women to trust their Truth…
Some part of your truth has to be permission within yourself to assert yourself.
There is no other demonstration for each person of their Truth than their/your perception of it.
This is the doorway to True service, to becoming more empowered and inspired by being more discerning and detached from the drama and the struggles that the world is convinced is the only reality that there is.
It isn’t ,
Dear Friends. It’s just one station on the radio dial of infinite choices.
Do you understand?
Your Heart is the Master of Your World.