Everyone can become a channel, because everyone is channeling all the time.
The question is…


Am I channeling the wisest and most loving parts of my self or the lesser, more fearful parts of myself? That’s the goal. To be aware of which parts of self you’re channeling and to consciously and joyously learn to trust love more than to respond to fear.

It’s desperation or inspiration: those are your only choices.

The challenge for all the teachers of your world is simply this..can you learn to bring consiously into your life, the feelings and beliefs within you, that match the vibrations in your life with those people, places, resources and situations that you are wanting to experience?

Can you believe in, and build upon, your faith, and your knowing, with all your heart, soul, mind, and might, that your happiness, your pleasure, your abundance, your freedom, is our business in spirit?

Can you allow that we are privy to a bigger picture than you are? That you are never alone, and that we will act as your co-pilot: where ever you want to go, whatever you want to achieve, whatever you want to experience, the answer is alway YES.

The challenge for yourself is can you believe it?

Can you know that the more you do and say and focus upon and channel about what you love, the more powerful and inspired you’re going to become?

You’re living in a time now when it’s just going to get simpler and clearer for yourself and your world.

Am I feeling good about myself and my choices today? Or do I feel separate? And if I do feel separate, less than, outside of myself, can I lift that up and let it go?

Channeling The Pleiadians- Lou Martin