Say the following in your mind or out loud every day…

I Am Willing to Awaken, 
I AM Willing to Remember 
I Am Willing to Dream a new Dream! 

I AM WILLING…(repeat before each statement throughout)
I am willing to awaken and to remember what Abundance truly is!
To know that abundance is always working for Me.
To know that life abundantly supports itself as Me.
To know that all I desire is already abundantly within Me.
To know, that life is supporting Me, in all ways and forever and always.

To know that abundance is unconditional…
To know that there are no words, and that there are no limits.
To know that as in life or in love, abundance is always available to me now.
To know that abundance is an integral aspect of the essence, the foundation, and the purpose of all I AM seeking.

To know Abundance is one of the Gifts of Love….
To see that abundance is one of the gifts of Loving My Self.
To know that as I truly give love, I will be loved and I will know love, and know it abundantly.
To know that as I begin to truly love myself, I am now willing to know and become abundant as Me!
To know that as I give love, I open to receive all that I desire from life, including love from all others, and as I do I shall become ever more willing to give to life itself and to ALL of Life as me.

To let Abundance be a Guide for MY Life….
To love Myself enough to let life, and all that is, help me to learn to… Say “Yes!”
I now Say Yes to loving myself and others, abundantly.
I now SAY Yes to knowing My True Self as Love and Life Abundantly.
I now SAY YES to knowing the Greatest Freedom and Joy that Life and Love can provide.
And I now SAY Yes to living the joyous and abundant life, and to graciously and gracefully accepting all I am now desiring for my Self and my World!

To Let Abundance Help Me Set My Truer Self Free…
To see that abundance is an integral step through the doorway of my heart, to the greatest love and grandest freedom of my True Self and of My Soul and Spirit!

I am completely ready and totally willing to share all that I am learning, in the vibration of this new dream of abundance, with any who are sincerely interested in this path of joy and freedom! Abundantly So! I am grateful and thankful that in truth this is already so! Even now.

So it is and so I let it to be!

Channelled by Lou Martin