Leap Of Faith!

Leap of Faith!
there’s an opportunity for everyone of us alive on the earth right now. a chance to wake up to our true nature, to love and light, and to share those qualities with our world. the energies of the past, of mind and of fear, are beginning to give way, for courage and compassion. this is the most incredible time to be alive, ever. yet we are still often frightened of our own power and doubtful about our right to be happy joyous and free.
so what will it take for each of us to give our selves permission to be free? well usually, we just get sick and tired of the limits, and the struggles and the pain and fear. how do we grow without all of that clouding our way? if only there were some easy, simple and powerful tool that would help us to remember what we have forgotten?
meditation is that tool for me. that is the gift that opens within. that is the path that always shows up outside after i’ve stilled my mind and opened my heart. i’ve been a channel for over a decade as a struggling amateur and a successful professional. the journey from here to there is always, often dramatically, accelerated with meditation.
the leap of faith, is the belief that simply by going within, steadying my breath, relaxing and focusing on nothing, or on something positive, my life will every, single time, be better.
here’s the greatest secret. how you meditate doesn’t matter! you can’t get it wrong, because just like loving another, every time you try, you will learn and grow and gain from the experience.
most people have forgotten that we have a higher self. that every night when we sleep and dream, we return to the oneness that is the source of us and the source of all. and it feels so good to relax and to let go.
so you’re higher self, the part of you that knows there is a god/goddess/all that is/love, will always guide you home. every time you make an effort to go within and relax, they know what you’re working on and will help you and support you to get there.
let me share with you one of my early experiences of really meditating deeply. it was ten years ago and i still remember the room i was sitting in! i was simply relaxing and breathing and letting go, and letting be, suddenly without any warning, i was a bright bubble of light, floating along the ocean’s surface at an incredible speed.
the next thing i knew a beautiful humpback whale was with me and he began to balance me on his mouth, and others joined in and we danced and swam and played togehter for what felt like forever.
after this had gone on for a while i got so excited i realized that i was still in my body meditating, and immediately came back to myself and opend my eyes. wow! beautiful.
if you can commit to 15 minutes a day, or even as you can whenever you can. every time you practice it will become more natural and easiser to do.
the guides that i channel have four qualities of how to know when you’ve returned to yourself. you begin to manifest what you need and want… 1/out of the blue, 2/in a way you’d least expected, 3/better than you’d imagined possible, 4/revealing more of your true nature.
the promises that spirit has made to me over the last 23 years have always been kept. the only blockages on my path have been my own. spirit, whose nature is perfect love, never judges, never doubts that we will return home.
it simply waits for our vibration/attention to be a match to spirit’s vibration/attention, not perfectly, but just enough, for love to be possible for us to remember and reconnect with.
meditation is the key that opens the door from small self to higher self. every time you try, you will receive the gift of feeling better, knowing yourself as truer, and being clearer about who you are and why you are here.
the how is not our job, the what is our part of the journey, what we want, and what it feels like and will feel like to have it/do it/be it.
let your mind quiet, your heart open and your spirit soar free into a future of dreams coming true. take a leap of faith within and see your love grow and your light shine!
peace and blessings!
Lou 🙂