Living Your Dream: The Light, The Dark & Choice


A Great Awakening is happening to help humanity see it’s reality more deeply and clearly. The Light is becoming brighter while the darkness is seeming to get darker, and this is in order to allow you greater clarity to make more conscious choices.

To help you undersand how power and belief are used, or abused, to create what works or what no longer works. This acceleration of energies also stirs up fear based beliefs as well, particularly in those areas of consciousness which are most obviously connected to the Earth of day to day living, of safety and survival.

Where energies are blocked or misaligned in the physical, financial, social and political areas of society are becoming more powerful and more intense, more obvious and less subtle, which creates experiences of emotional upheaval. Fear, resistance, blockage, doubt or judgement.
These fears are expressing themselves in your world to get your attention.

The feeling of unpredictability and uncertainty, is also creating greater intimacy with the unknown and unknowable, (the mysteries within self and life), and as you learn to make more conscious choices, this is will lead you to seeing the unknown to be a greater ally and resource to creating what you love. Everything in your world comes from the unknown in one way or another.

Emotion IS energy in motion, and it is being stirred up at this time on the earth and within all of life, working to create opportunities to release old, denied, disowned, belief systems that no longer work. You can truly only release what you no longer deny. Because denial itself is a belief system, and YOU are a co-creator with all that is. And it is done unto you as you believe. Belief is your window of what’s possible.

Living your Dream, is worked/and played with consciously and responsibly. No one and nothing will force you to find your truth and take your power back. You must ultimately choose this yourself, usually a small step at a time. And this is exactly what you are doing through understanding the gift of your emotions sometimes in the face of your fears.

This is true both personally and globally. So what has been pushed away, must be,in some way taken responsibilty for in order to be set free. It is drawn close,examined
forgiven,accepted, honoured, blessed, made peace with, all of which are conscious response, decisions about beliefs, in order to be released, individually or collectively.

You know this. Your world is learning this. And (most importantly) it works!

If you know who you are, why you are here, and what you want, if you can consciously choose what you love, about life/self, if you are looking for joy and happiness and celebrating the large and small moments that create this, when you can begin confidently answer these questions, to your own satisfaction, then you can begin you truly begin to live your dream!

Joy is the key to your spiritual journey home.Freedom whispers that you hold it in your hand now. You have within your heart, soul and spirit, (the Divine with in you), all the energy and information, you need or want to build a world of dreams and visions.

You are now challenging yourself and each other to access the energy of love, by taking responsibility for what you believe, by owning your feelings, and honouring your deepest truth, and by releasing yourself of the prison of denial which holds fear in place, you are taking your power back!

Love transcends the limitations of time and space, and the mind of belief systems. Love guides you through emotion, inspires you to respond and thus to be responsible, love supports you to consciously choose what you believe, why you believe it, and to understand and surrender to it’s relation to the transcendent and synchronous truth, that Source holds with you and for you, to remember and live. Love works.Truth responds. Honesty trusts. Fear waits.

You would see this through greater synchronicity which lead to greater freedom, greater trust, happiness and joy! Time is bending and twisting to support your awakening through choice and freedom and by taking joyous responsibility for believing in what you want, believing in it enough to have it and live it easily and elegantly. Nature supports this in ways both mundane and miraculous and you are deserving of both.

We have another suggestion to float through this time of great change. Be realistic, by becoming optimistic about your own gifts, talents and abilities to create what you love. The Self within you guides, loves, and supports you wonderfully. Celebrate your perfectly/imperfect humanity/divinity by listening to, trusting and follow your inner guidance.

As you do, life will celebrate your clarity, and synchronicity will guide you Home to Self, to Freedom, to Love. You will Succeed. In truth, you have done so many, many times.That’s why YOU are here now. To help others find their way to Self, to Truth to a way of Life, that works… Miraculously, and Beautifully.

You are here for this moment to create a life of greater intimacy and freedom within yourself than you’ve ever imagined possible! For the Divinity with in you and your world, expresses itself in perfect timing, in the emotional peace and freedom of your spirit and soul and you are set free!

You heart knows the way! Make a choice! Fear is No Thing. It only exists in the mind/ego, and truly once you can begin to awaken to the choice to live your dream, there is no reason to stay in Fear for very long. It is the forgetting that invites you to remember again. And you have so many reasons to give thanks and celebrate this amazing world at this powerful time! You are here to choose! Let Spirit guide your path and find your light and shine your gifts to an awaiting world!

Whenever you want to remember what’s true, trust yourself and ask for help. You always have the choice…to be Well or ill, to be Rich or poor, to be Happy or sad, to be Brave or afraid, to be your Self or to play a role. One feels wonderful, and the other is a lie. There are no mistakes only opportunities. If you don’t like what you have created, change it. Look for the gift and choose again. Without struggle or judgement. You will remember how. You are the answer you have been seekeing.

Just choosing, over and over, and getting better at the choices, and having better choices to make, and helping other to learn to choose too! All is Choice! All is Well. Life is a Gift that opens from within. In the oneness of Love, know that We will meet again.