Open Your Heart, Heal Your Mind & Awaken!

Anything that opens your heart, heals your mind and awakens your Spirit. 

You are going through a powerful time of change. What we invite you to understand is that you are in the midst of RE-IMAGINING YOURSELF. We want to encourage you to LOVE YOURSELVES despite the challenges and the difficulties. 

What you believe in your heart is your truth and it will manifest as your experience. Do not be down-hearted if you don’t see what you want instantly and immediately. You are helping to clear human consciousness of lifetimes of fears right now.

Your DNA responds to light and sound and emotion. When you choose to love yourself no matter what, your DNA opens, lightens, expands and reaches for the highest energy and experience you can imagine possible. And the Universe begins to bring it to you.

So this is a gift for humanity at this time, greater power and greater understanding about the importance of your feelings and emotions. When you know that your feelings are creating your experience, and when you decide that you can choose what you want to feel, no matter what…then life will begin to sing to you!

The single greatest healing tool you have is SELF-LOVE and it is the one choice that will move you through any crisis, any change or challenge and bring you back to YOU. No one can give you more, than you are willing to give to yourself. You are the original actor in the drama of your life.

If you will open your heart to your self and bless, forgive, accept, celebrate, laugh about and send fierce and gentle love to yourself, your light, your light body, your DNA, and your Lifeforce, will immediately respond and in your feeling it, you will be revealing it and living it, without struggle or doubt, effortlessly!

Things are changing quickly and this will continue to be so. But it is always change for the better and you can TRUST the intentions that brought you to this time and place and the SELF that you are and are becoming, and you can open your heart to LOVE and SPIRIT and FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT ALL

From small choices, come big changes.
The changes you now make in moments can last you a lifetime.
Trust yourself. You are enough. All is well.

The Pleiadians – Lou M 🙂