This is a time of healing, this is a time of awakening, this is a time of true co creation. The Earth is fulfilling her promise to humanity, that humanity is keeping It’s promise to mother Earth, that humanity can and will and does return to a garden of co creation where All that has been longed for and searched for,throughout the ages, becomes the living breathing reality of your present moment here and now.

Everyone has play a role in every drama and every trauma in this world , that everyone has been on both sides of the story at One time or another, that this is your time Now to stand on this side of the story and invite understanding. The Master Teachers of your planet stand here with you and they ask you to be the visionary, to be the Light , to be the inspiration and the example that a new world is possible if you believe it you can conceive it and you’re open and ready to receive it.

So we bless very much the City of Light, where the darkness seems so deep and so painful right now, a place that has been the center of many historic changes in your world, many times of revolution and cultural transformation, so you bring your focus , your energy to It’s role. To challenge YOU to Open the heart of Humanity for a world of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

That you see yourselves as equals, that every man and every woman has a place in the table, that no One is excluded, no One is greater or lesser that everyone else. That class, race, religion and culture are no longer the dividing lines between a world living in peace and harmony, this is possible…you call it forth, you give thanks for it and let it be.

You are the Light workers, the family of Light in your willingness to Trust the truth at the core of your Being you invite greater peace and from that peace True miracles and Magic are and will coming forth into your life. You let go of the Ego, you let go of the mind, you let go of these illusions of separation and you are willing to be surprised, to be amazed, to be led, you
be inspired, to be guided…in your beautiful prayers we invite you to not only to ask But to give Thanks.

So be thankful with you and through you, that the prayer is been answer, that what is spoken is done, that is has been and It’s being demonstrated that you are the willing co-creator and the receiver of these vibrations and of many more to come. That the Beings of Light , the Angels , Spirit and All of us here, who Love you so are at your shoulder and whispering go ahead. It’s time to be free, It’s time to bring forth the truth, It’s time for Love to be more important and thus more powerful than fear.

To be a Light workers is to use your imagination and emotion to create the vibrations of what it is you want to experience and thus you begin to invite that energy into your life not wondering, not worrying , but decreeing and declaring: “It’s done, I have seen it so, I have owned it, I have accepted it , I have given thanks for it , Now I let my life and myself transform into the vibration of myself that is living in this time of peace, of tremendous Spiritual Rebirth and Awakening, where I’m not longer manipulated, controlled or programmed by the desires and the energies and agendas of others , no more struggling with who is right and who is wrong, but simply finding for yourself your peace in the midst of these tremendous changes.

Dear friends if you will allow yourself to be the peace , then You will also allow yourself to be the change that your are seeking to bring forth at this time . To Love and to forgive is the open doorway to your heart and we are here to celebrate you and to tell you of course, yeah! You All leave the body there will be many was that can happen. When you know what you want and you bring it forth vibrationally , emotion and imagination as the Light and Love of All that is as you, then My friends you can be grateful and thankful to know that it is done, so tremendous Love and Light is pouring upon you at this time in this situation.

In your heart is the place where everything happens , that is where All the Universe comes together, the Great heroic struggle for human consciousness is that of this illusion of separation, so the heart knows what the mind struggles to believe, as you committed to courageously and beautifully to be the instruments , to be the inspiration, to be the resource, to be the guide , to be the student , to be the teacher , to be the example, etc…, every time you allow your heart to open to believe that better as possible and that you are empowered and available to that greater.

There is no One that needs to safe you or to stand before you, It’s not about proving anything: when science and government and the financial industries , the military use the mind and the five senses as a means of validating or invalidating reality, then they set the agenda . But when you in your Soul and Spirit , when you allow yourself to be inspired, to be possessed of a vision, when you let creativity and Love flow through you then You in those moments, you trascend the illusions of separation, you transcend the old paradigm of the five senses and the mind and that is where the new world is being created .

So you see we are here with you every step of the way. You are working on loving who you are so that the more that you are can express itself into and through your life, and these are the clearest words we can offer to you. When you know your truth and you act from that place of trust then You have peace of mind and Magic and miracles, syncronicity accompanies you and what you imagine, what You’ve asked for must manifest, that is the dimensional shift that you are here to experience .

It’s always in your hands and no One can take your power from you , you can only give it away, no One can give you freedom you must take it so as you hear our vibration in the channel here and you hear the truth in your heart and it feels right and you trusted and you say : ” ok I’m open to that, I will surrender more and perhaps meditate more or focus more or ask for more then things are going to really begin to change for you and your world.”

You are brothers and sisters and we are your family in other dimension and it is only the conditioning of the mind that has created this Great gulf that seems so unreachable but this is the time when oneness from within and All around you begins to express as your new vibration , as your new reality. There is not a singular reality and each of you has within yourself the abilities in potential, which is why you’re here Now to learn to consciously create the reality that you desire . As lo learn to go within rather than go without and open your heart and to quite your mind , you are going to be able to consciously access level so feo peace and Love and awareness that the ego thinks are quite beyond your reach, but we promise you nothing is beyond your reach.

You must give to yourself what you want life to give to you and so Love is absolutely of course the core and the foundation of All Consciousness of all life, and because you have this beautiful free will , humanity, and because you’re learning to listen , to Trust and follow your own inner guidance , you’re learning to quite your mind, to open your heart , to believe in and does connect to your soul sand Spirit, your Higher Self as you let your Spiritual journey be the most important aspect of your life , then we promise you your life will become profoundly meaningful and your’ll begin to live in a reality of syncronicities and miracle and Magic that seemed beyond your imagination , but we promise you Love has no limitations whatsoever, the paradox One more time is that we and Love are not here to assert ourselves upon you, we are not here to save you or fix you to to tell you what you don’t know ,

In truth we can only bring to you that what you are in this moment open to receive , so you are the bridge, you are the doorway, you act as the window right Now to other possibilities to be born in this time and space reality. And as the vibrations in your life, your DNA, your physical world , your solar system continues to rise up and it will , you will be creating things more elegantly and more easily than ever before .

The next few years are about healing the ego , healing the identity, changing your mind, being willing to surrender to more Love and more peace , to learning to be unconditional with yourselves and then inspiration will guide you to what the next piece of the puzzle is for you.
What can you Trust more than you deepest truth and what is your deepest truth ?

That you are safe , loved and supported at All times unless you choose to believe otherwise.