Write out a statement of what it is you want and put it in the present tense:
For instance:
“I Now have the balance, support and time I desire.”
When you write your focus statement you are saying to your subconscious mind:
“This is your command! This is happening Now! This is My new order to My reality Creator!
And every statement below that supports that statement in some way directly or in directly.
And put that at the top of the page and then, Let us work with you to create a dozen statements
that supports that statement.
“I’m taking My power back, I live in an abundant Universe, everything works together for Good…”
When you have your dozen statements underneath your thesis, you can Let your inner guidance guide you:
What is the affirmation I want to work with Now?
And that inspiration : …oh , that’s the One !
That is Spirit guiding you.
When you Let us guide you, you create what you want out of the blue, in the way you least expect,
better that been thinking possible, that is our promise!
As you write All those statements they will support the intention, the focus that you have.
Thus you’ll be filled in your bubble of Light  from time to time with that energy,with that focus…
if you are healing a crisis, perhaps you need to look at this list many times a day.
The key is to understand that , that list has powerful energy.
Every time you look at it you’re filling up with the energy that you have created in that way.
You stay connected, stay in the flow, stay in the Nature of that energy as you can throughout your day.
It’s not about the conditions.
It’s about your feeling in relationship to the condition.
Inspiration says :”I believe This is possible”.
You can meet that by any challenge.
But It’s a beautiful resource because you are co-creating with Spirit.
If you feel it is True in your heart, your mind will create it.
Your power is in the present moment in how you feel about what you are focusing on.
If you are grateful, If you are inspired, If you are excited…those energies are seeding your manifestation.
The conscious mind is deciding, the unconscious mind is accepting and the emotions are guiding.
Gratitude says it is done, Gratitude says I Trust it , I Let it go.
The mind is in service to the heart, and the heart is connected to Spirit.
But the mind can pretend that it is not connected to Spirit when the heart is closed.
Unhappiness  or sadness or fear says you are off balance.
You’ve temporarily forgotten who you are and you feel a victim of reality, instead than a Creator of reality.
This is why forgiveness helps you come back to open your heart.
You say : Oh! i made a mistake, i’ve created a problem, or I have a problem I don’t know how to solve it!….
All of that is the surface mind.
In upset or shock you’re thrown back into yourself.
Because your Self knows that your power is within you,
But crisis is the worst way, the hardest way to create reality.
First you have to calm down, you have to have a good cry or a good scream or even a good laugh.
Then your heart which was closed in fear can open up again.
And as your heart opens and you consciously journey into the open heart,
Peace Love, Joy , Gratitude can come up and you can feel your Spirit again.
But pain and fear are two very different vibration from Love and peace, they don’t interact.