It is from this place that you are invited to speak your word – as we speak a word for you and with you.

‘Higher Self, Holy Spirit All That Is as me I come forth as a representative of the human family. I stand in humility. I stand in grace. I stand in truth calling forth all that humanity has asked for, sought after, reached to be and wanted to believe I let my self be that instrument. I let Life love me as I allow my self to be loved by All That Is.’

Take a deep breath.

‘Father Mother God Goddess All That Is, Infinite Holy Spirit, I ask that you shine your Light and share you Love through me and to me. Let this day, me know my blessings. Let this day, me be the blessings that you would call me forth to express, to experience – to be and to become – in the perfect time and in the perfect way with good for all and harm to none.

I know it is so. I know it is done. I let it be.’

Take a deep breath.

Imagine – in every direction and in every dimension – that your personal life experience and your eternal spiritual nature are in harmony and balance here and now in this moment and forever more.

You step outside of time and space as and when you are called to – to shine your Light and share your Love, Dear Friends – and to be the light worker, the visionary and the dream weaver for your self, for your loved ones, for your communities, for the Earth and for humanity.

It is your time and you are called. It is your time. You have heard and answered to the calling. Know that we are with you every step of the way.

Dear Friends, we bring you back to this time and space – grateful and thankful with and for you. Know that all is well. Be at peace. We will meet again.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.”
~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin

From the 8/23/16 transcript of Spirit Talks with Lou Martin.

Brenda Garcia, Master Scribe of the Realm