Lou Martin

Working with Lou Martin is phenomenal. It transforms your experience of life in a few days. Your perceptions changes and you start to see and feel life from a perspective that is truly enjoyable. I asked help in balancing my life around lack of time and managing professional pressures and in a matter of weeks I see new possibilities and new ways of doing things that I couldn’t even imagine before.

Lou is an inspired channel that has the ability of seeing beyond the illusion of your current problems and it can guide to a joyful process of making your life a masterpiece of art.

Wherever I go I speak about this great experience that opened my eyes to something else…I couldn’t see anymore, but was always there..!

Fabio Moretta

NLP & Polarity Therapy

Hi Lou- here is a little testimonial for you – I worked intensely with Lou for a while and found miracles to happen in my life- he is a dedicated and driven teacher of light and divine understanding for the heart to survive in a world that needs this kind of work

– Lou brought home lessons for me in a way which I can always rely on now- I find his heart centred driven style intelligent, and a passionate, orientated around truly bringing home what it is that you already know deep in your heart

– well done Lou

– thank you for being such a dear person…

Amy Ek Mau

“Lou’s gift really goes beyond psychic as he has the ability to pinpoint the things that are blocking us from moving forward.

We have both had many different styles of readings and interactions with psychics and mediums alike and both agree that a session with Lou was by far the most productive.”

Lauren & Jeff

“I just had a very helpful and profoundly grounding conversation with Lou Martin. I can’t recommend him enough. This is my second time asking Lou for help and he has over delivered on guidance and answers once again. If you’re needing some help with an issue or craving some really meaningful spiritual advice that’s not theory but practical and useful right now, then call Lou or visit him in Bandon,

Lots of love

Mark Irwin

There has not been a moment that I have not looked at my notes from our session and continue to reflect back on it- I hear you at a deeper level and life at a deeper calling than i have ever heard before.

I am so grateful! Beyond any words!

Kim Burger

Arkansas USA

I feel compelled to tell you how much I appreciate the messages that you channel, words cannot express how much they have touched my heart and indeed helped me. It has been a very strange path that led me to search youtube for SPIRIT, and on hearing your videos well It felt like I had gone home, the love that radiates out from the words spoken uplift me and help me greatly. I am eager to learn as much as I can. I just wanted to thank you for making the videos available on youtube. xx

Joanna Beatty


Lou is a gift beyond words. His story alone shows his own growth as he walks his talk. His counseling is amazing in that he gets to the deep of matters within minutes and you feel like you are healing during the experience. His channeling is as real as you can ever experience. Even the meditations he offers are breathtaking. I felt compelled to write this as Lou has been the best kept secret too long!


Jan Cleary

It’s time to remember… And my dear friend Lou Martin and helping to guide others in doing just that!!! If you are searching for golden information on enlightenment please “like” his page Awakening Into The Light – Readings/Counseling and stay updated on the information he shares.

He has truly changed my life in the most amazing way and has tons of love and light to share!

Lauren Le Brandi

Los Angeles

Lou, You are Amazing ! Had a session with Lou a few years back leading me to more Clarity ! Also touching on things that other readers/guide had never, issues that were quiet deep! Yesterday I had the pleasure of having another wonderful session and it was amazing.. Getting down to what needed to be worked on shifted… More Clarity!!!! Yes!!!!! and a beautiful feeling of wholeness!

Thank you Lou ! Mucho Love!

Helena Palmer


I am so blessed to have you as a friend my dear Lou!! You readings are so accurate and i feel so safe and loved talking to you and receiving your guidance and the guidance of SPIRIT!!

I Love you!

Annabel Bella


Lou is a wonderful teacher and facilitator for healing and growth. During
a personal healing session he held the space for me to come up with my own
answers which was a really powerful gift. He is helping us all to resonate
at a higher vibration! We are blessed to have a teacher & healer like Lou
in Cork at this time.
Liz H.


Lou opened up a whole new world to me! His fluid way of explaining things
and seeing him live with such peace and joy in his heart has inspired me to
achieve that for my self and everyone I love. I will always be grateful for
the direction he pointed me in. He is a remarkable human being.
Michelle O.


Lou’s work here in Ireland is of profound importance. He has inspired me in
my personal growth and the integrity of my own work. I have seen huge
changes in the people who work and study with him.
Pippa R. Innishannon


Lou Martin is blessed with a deep sense of intuition, vision and clarity.
He is totally out of his own way when he works and brings through his
wisdom and channeling gifts with such love and humor that I felt totally
safe and relaxed to be myself. This is the morning after our session and I
can say that I feel a big shift has already happened, I have woken up to a
new day with a feeling of self love and peace. I highly recommend booking a
session!! Thank you so much Lou..keep spreading your amazing light.
Ciara Kirby

(Healer and Trouble Maker!)

Lou's work is insightful, innovative, unique and very supportive. He
breathes the essence of success into a jaded psyche.


I have been very fortunate to connect with this amazing man, Lou Martin,
who I think you all will benefit from connecting with as well. His gift
really goes beyond psychic as he has the ability to pinpoint the things
that are blocking us from moving forward. I have had many different styles
of readings and interactions with psychics and mediums alike and can say,
hands down, that a session with Lou was by far the most productive. Whether
now is a good time for you all to connect with him or down the road, I
wanted to at least share the information to present the opportunity! He is
a brilliant light worker and for those of you seeking enlightenment on your
path to waking up he should be your next stop!
Jeffrey Cleary

Thank you so much for sharing. I understand this language. Your energy reinforces goodness and confidence and trust. I love this virtual coffee break. (What I mean is that your time on-line rests us and reinvigorates us, both you personally and also the special energy you flow through.) It's all good.
Elizabeth B. Word

That was excellent Lou thanks man. I find that your channelings take me to a perspective of mine that i feel most comfortable in. I really relate with them as if it speaks directly to my life and experiences, the oneness is a feeling i really enjoy. thanks again.

I smile every time I open another one of your videos. I know that I'm going to feel better after I watch them. And I feel that my heart opens a little more each time...sounds corny maybe, but true. I understand so much more about myself and it helps me on my 'journey'. Thank you, Lou.