Love finds the deepest connection to your Soul and Spirit and speaks directly to your doubts and fears and says… “Would you prefer to be free now?”

That’s who you are! You are that Freedom. You are the light of the world!

And you cannot help but be moved when you acknowledge that, because that is the truth at the very core of your being. That is what you are seeking to remember and trust into living that freedom that is You as You, all the time!

This is the time now that whatever has stood in your way can be cleared out and healed. No one else can give you more permission than you. You are the sole arbiter about what you believe and who you trust and how you grow into your life.

We don’t want you to feel that anything you want is out of your reach, except in the way you allow your ego to talk you into or out of it. when you don’t find any joy or passion in what you’re doing…you’re going to find it’s just one more day when you’re trying to make someone happy and that someone is not you. You have all had enough of that.

The abundance is not in the world except that you allow it and expect it. We want you to say this is my passion and purpose, my joy and freedom. I’m going to give myself some time as I can each day and beam this love and light into my life and begin to know that this is now my dominant vibration/positive expectation about my life, my self, my world!

However you let life lift you up and turn you on, that’s your Spirit dancing with you and through you! It’s all about your intimate relationship with your own Spirit. Until you know you have concsious access to your own inner sanctuary, you’re still in early stages of waking up to who you really are.

When you can live from the inside out with conscious intent, all the outer battles are going to resolve themselves, and then you’re going to change in ways you dare not imagine possilbe! That’s what’s coming for you in this time and place! That’s what unconditional loving is preparing you for.

That’s what love does, it finds the deepest connection to your soul and spirit and speaks directly to those doubts and fears and says would you prefer to be free now? That’s who you are. You are the light of the world and you cannot help but be moved because that is the truth in the core of your being.