This is the Sacred Divine Feminine (for all the world) she is magnetic and irressitable because she denies nothing. That’s the key! She embraces all of it through the passioinately open and loving heart of her feelings. Total emotional inner honesty.

Anger is the disowned emotion for the women of the world, which keeps your passion and will feeling life-coaching-for-womenincomplete or unprepared. Rethink your relationship to anger: It’s not masculine or feminine, good or bad, black or white, it is the expression of all healthy beings when your emotional needs are unmet. The key is to release it within yourself not at others, though sometimes that feels necessarry as well.

If your never allowed to feel anger, you tend to disconnect from believing your needs can be met, because you learn to deny your needs and to deny your anger to feel accepted by others. But it wears you down and it wears you out. If you can’t let yourself express or acknowledge your anger then you can’t always meet your emotional needs, because without releasing the feelings covering over your needs, you cannot know what your needs are.

You can’t ever cry enough to release the anger that you won’t allow yourself to feel and to heal. Anger has a purpose to play for women for being and knowing their full self and the power of their emotions. Your unexpressed anger and the mistrust of your passion are connected. Just feel your feelings as freely as you will allow and they will move you back to center, without judging or denying your feelings. The Goddess is within you, awaiting your attention and surrender to love, beginning with self, beginning with honoring your feelings.