The safer you feel the more vulnerable you can become.

All Fear is Resistance to the Peace and Love that is your True Nature.

Right now, in the unconscious, whatever has not been forgiven or made peace with , you have to confront in your outer world.

You have now the clarity and the willingness to love your unhealed Self.

In the past these conditions and situations would have pulled you out yourself out of your center for weeks.

Now in a single day, less than, you say : “I must do something” .

We are taking you All on a journey through your unconscious back into your Spirit .

As you become willing to forgive yourselves, there is no fear or judgment now that can stop you from total surrender.

When that is True, you return to yourself, and you can release what is not yours.

That is the essence of the inner journey, now you have your power back!

–Channeling Love & Healing