2014 - The Season of the Heart

October - Lighting The Fire of Passion & Spirit

You're living in a time of harmony now, where, if you will consciouslly sit
and focus with us (your guides) you can become that song of life and love
that you've been longing to be.

"I now let my life be the living example of what I believe in my heart to
be true."

Then get ready because we will rock your world.

We will take you and run with you in the direction that you've least
expected to go, but in the very way you've most wanted to experience.

Because our only limit in co-creating your reality is your willingness to


This world is stepping into...acknowledging, surrendering and
releasing...the pain, the fear the judgements, and all of that that you
doubt or struggle with or use to resist your own freedom.

You came into this lifetime to be reborn and the moment is fast approaching
when you will become what you've longed to believe.

You, the teachers of this new path, you, the healers of these pains and
fears, you, the angels of this new vision, you're being invited by Spirit
every day...to let go, let go, let go, let go.

You're called into this time and place to shine your light and to share
your love.

The Time is now here for you to feel a greater sense of support and oneness
and to trust your guidance more than ever before.

You've done enough to see the patterns of the mind in chaos, or the heart
in peace, to recognize the power of your choices and to make them joyously
and consciously to become reflections of most exciting experiences in your

There's so many ways that you've opened up your life already.

But we promise you, it's still just the tip of the iceberg.

It's good for you to give yourself that permission and that freedom to love
yourself unconditionally.

To let love be the Lord of your Soul and Spirit and to give yourself to
that love, joyouslly and playfully and fully and freel every day.

If that feels comfortable take a deep breath.


It's a powerful time of letting go, of healing, surrendering and releasing-
all those ideas, situations, circumstances and relationships that no longer
serve you, and who you are, and are becoming-that do not honour the truth
that you hold in your heart. It's not a judgement about Self and it's not a
judgement about others. You know that and we know that you know that.

This is a time of fire and things are going to begin to light up for you
and your world as never before.  Your dreams and desires are beginning to
sparkle and sputter and to ignite in the light of a this new day this new
vibration and oneness with you, your soul and you spirit,
...to make things more conscious and to see things more clearly, to
understand, remember and to know.

Know that you have it within you to be living more and more from that place
of passion and joy, and we will build with you and through you
whatever you desire. This is going to be a pivotal month in a very powerful
year, in this time of awakening.

The completion of 2014 is truly the end of a chapter... the end of all the
questions of worth and of your personal relationship to spirit to such a
large degree. Have you been asking...? am i good enough? am i prepared
enough? do i know enough? am i connected enough? have i healed enough? how
can i do this? how can i make this leap?

You search your heart and you find your spirit waiting to love you and to
heal you everytime.

It's another step right here and now on this journey. It's not always easy
or pleasant, or playful or fun, but increasingly, as you take your power
back, as you love yourselves and forgive, and release and have compassion
for the fears and doubts and judgments of others or of your own... so the
space opens up for peace and for grace.


You've all been moving forward on your path at your own pace and in your
own perfect way, and you don't need to compare and compete with other's or
to doubt your own process and your perfect progress towards who you really
are and what you really want.

Do you know what? You don't have to talk yourself into what you love!  If
you love someone, love something, love an idea, you're going to be excited
and inspired by that. So move in the direction of what excites you, what
inspires you what uplifts you.  trust in your own clarity and in your own

What you love, what you trust, what you honor and respect, what you worship
dear friends...that's what you're giving your powerful attention to, and
that's what you're believing in, and that's what you're drawing to you and
that's what you will ultimately manifest and become.

When you give of yourself unconditionally to wisdom, love, courage, truth,
and joy dear friends you're becoming more of that, every single time!  The
bright light and the fire of your spiritual inheritance - of the passion,
wisdom and the love that you hold in your soul and spirit... that, is who
you really are! You're now stepping into the conscious awareness of that as
never before!


So now deepen the connection to the truth in yourself and let it be all
to want what you want with all your heart and to believe in yourself over
and over again! Joyously, freely and fully!

You let your mind steer you into all these questions and doubts...how can i
do this? should I do this? am I supposed to do this? and is this meant to
happen? none of these questions are connected to your heart in any
meaningful way.

You can think anything for any reason, it won't make it true and your
thoughts of separation won't lead you home. there are still places within
self you're learning to trust, you're learning to love yourself more,
and you're learning to let go even more deeply and completely!

So this is the time to really do that, to let go and let life show you who
you can be...


What could be lovelier than that? trust yourself to know your always being
who you are and now you're moving in your own way and seeing now that things
are going to speed up for you at this time because the more you love and
trust yourself the more life supports you it's as simple as that.

We acknowledge the spirit and the sacredness within you we come from that
deepest place of honoring within you, and in truth there is no separation
between who you are and who we are in love and light.

You've been preparing for this time for many lifetimes and there's a great
sense of both excitement and overwhelm. that's all right dear
friends. sometimes it seems so big all of a sudden. We want you to know
that we want you to move at your own pace and in your own comfort zone in
the direction of where you want to go.

And in that space everything and anything is yours.

Lou Martin