It is a time of greater challenges and of even greater changes than ever
before. YOU came to be a part of this, an integral part of this, to be
sure. This is the time of awakening, of remembering, and of dreaming a new

We ask you to recognize that as you heal yourself by learning to love your
Self, you can and will open your heart of hearts… and as you do you will begin
to realize what abundance can become in your world now.

What has divided will now begin to unite. What has separated will now begin
to align. What has hurt can now heal. What has been a tool for domination
will now become a means of liberation. Everything is changing in your world
and it is so very, very good that this is so!

To see through the tears that began in sorrow and end in joy, that you are
that, which you seek to become: Is to accept that Abundance is the grace of
a life well-lived, and that Abundance is truly one of the gifts of life

You are awake and alive at the greatest moment in human history and
Abundance is there to support you and to guide you joyously Home. You can
do this by remembering how to love and be loved for who you truly are by
knowing who you truly are. You are life, you are love and you are abundance

You’re not reaching outside yourself to know who you are any longer. You’re
reaching within to know and remember and to be free! You can begin at any
time, to change your mind and your life and to open your heart to the gift
of love and grace that is Abundance.

You can do all this and so much more, by remembering and knowing some
things you might have forgotten, or doubted or denied. They are all true
and it is time for the truth to set your Self Free!

(See Keys To Opening The Abundant Self)

Lou Martin