You are awakening.
You are beginning to remember,
You are not separate from anything,

You are the dream of all that is.
You exist because all that is dreamt you into being.

You chose to come here….now.

You came here for this.
That’s why you’re here.

You came knowing that you could be a bridge into a new reality.
That’s what’s happening in your life and your world right now.

You begin by loving yourself.
Because you’re willing to love yourself as all that is.

You’re starting to remember that you do deserve to have all that you desire.
You choose not to feel separate or less than or powerless any longer.
The heart knows there is no separation,

It’s only in the mind.
The heart knows what the mind struggles to believe.

What you believe in your heart guides you Home.
You are what you believe you are.


Lou Martin