This world is stepping into, the most intense and exciting time in your history, in your story, in her story in all that is as 10418936_10152799023059320_6000875304490404153_nyou. Life has called you to begin again by acknowledging, surrendering and releasing, the pain, the fear, the judgments that no longer server you or your Earth.

To truly be reborn. To start something new, to see through new eyes and love through clear hearts. Unburdened and untroubled by the dreams of the past that no longer have a voice in your soul or spirit.

You, the teachers of this new path, you, the healers of these pains and fears, you, the angels of this new vision, you’re being invited by Spirit everyday… to let go, let go, let go, let go.

You’re called into this time and place to shine your light and to share your love. The Time is now here for you to feel a greater sense of support and oneness and to trust your guidance more than ever before.

You’ve all done enough, many times over, to see the patterns of the mind in chaos, or the heart in peace, to recognize the power of your choices and to make them joyously and consciously to become reflections of most exciting experiences in your life.

There’s so many ways that you’ve opened up your life already. But we promise you, it’s still just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s good for you to give yourself that permission and that freedom to love yourself unconditionally.

To let love be the Lord of your Soul and Spirit and to give yourself to that love, joyously and playfully, fully and freely every day!

Channeling The Pleiadians- Lou Martin