Three Questions: What do you believe? How deeply do you believe it? Is it true?

Three Questions…

What do you believe?

How deeply do you believe it?

Is it true?

You come into this world at this moment to awaken to these profoundly powerful truths.

You are Free! You are Loved! You are Enough!Seek Information, Inspirations…

First the Good News! You are Loved! You have choice! You have access to resources to help you to understand what’s happening in your world and why. You are Truly an Unlimited Spiritual Being of Great Dignity and Power, with a Destiny and a Loving Higher Power which is always available and always responding to you and the world. IF you know how to access it! The Divine is Love. Love knows no boundaries or conditions. How do we ACCESS IT??? “Those who look outside dream, who looks within awakens. “ Carl Jung “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Yeshua (Jesus)


Simple! Spirit, which exists in PEACE, waits for us to return to our own inner peace, in order to connect to us, and to assist us. This is the Law of Attraction, ie. like attracts like. To connect with the part of Self that is Peace, we must become Peace, if only briefly. In those seconds or minutes or hours, we Awaken to our True Selves, and return to this world, informed, inspired, and empowered. Love transcends the Mind, limitations are the Ego, Fear is the Illusion. Love Heals. Course in Miracles!

Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie too!

Inner Guidance

Also: Your Inner Guidance/Intuition is ALWAYS connected to this Higher Self and is ALWAYS offering the guidance to assist you and support you in being happy, joyous, and free! Esther Hicks, Gary Renard, Greg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue, and many others are telling us this. Reminding us of this. I have been blessed to experience this truth, peace creates miracles, over and over again. Look at Jill Bolte Taylor’s video on her spiritual awakening during a stroke. Sai Maa is a wonderful teacher who comes to Cork often, returning in March again. Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne is great too!

Now the Challenges!

OMG! The Economic Collapse, The War on Terror and Global Warming, are ALL manmade, yes, I can show you, created and used for the express purpose of keeping humanity, frightened, distracted and overwhelmed. We are in for the most intensely depressing and/or exciting year of our lives! There will be less space to stay neutral, to stay on the fence, to hide out in our old/current belief systems: if we are not aligned to the deeper truths that are truly within each of us to guide us and care for us in times of great change. The acceleration of consciousness will continue to invite us to befriend or confront our responsibilities to grow, heal and awaken. David Icke, Alex Jones, Michael Tsarion, Red Ice Creations, and others are helping us to awaken to how we have given our power away.

Mayan Calendar/Solar Cycles/Procession of Equinox

We are in the last two years of a cycle focusing on Ethics, which will absolutely demand that we and our world re-examine what we believe, how deeply we believe it, and if it’s True! Consciousness is accelerating exponentially up through 2011/2012 and beyond. There is ample scientific evidence describing physical changes throughout the universe. Simply thought/feeling/beliefs become Manifest more and more quickly. This is not the end of THE world, it is the end of the world we have lived in for the last 26,000 years. End of old cycle, beginning of new cycle. See Ian Xel Lundgold’s 18 part video on Mayan Calendar. Barbara Hand Clow is also very good.

Spiritual Resources

If you feel embarrassed, or unprepared, or unwilling to trust yourself and think for yourself you are really about to be challenged. If you’re willing to be a Holy Fool for Truth, whoo wee, are you in for some FUN! As we recover from the shock of all the changes on the horizon, we will find our Truth, our Passion, our Destiny. We each get to choose what we believe, if you can transcend the boundaries of the mind/ego, you will find your heart, trust yourself and become, informed, inspired and empowered. And as you do, this energy becomes more available to the world. I always recommend these teacher who guide me every day.

Peace and Blessings!

Lou J