Seen through the eyes of love, every fear is the same. When you and your life and your soul are in alignment with your heart’s desires, that’s the song of love that life called you here to hear, to listen to, and to begin to sing….

Pain or fear is always only resistance to your truer self. Don’t judge your fears, or yourself. Have compassion, be gentle, slow down, stop, take a deep breath, go within, let the outside recede and the inside come up to your conscious mind and heal your self, over and over again.

Every time you do this…at this powerful time, you will be amazed at how much can and will change for you. You don’t need to stay in fear, you do need to heal your mind. You must decide what you want and what you believe and give all illusions fully and freely by offering them up on the altar of your heart, to surrender and release it to Spirit.

Then you will feel your oneness with all that is and know true freedom again.

Channeling The Pleiadians- Lou Martin