Channelling The Pleiadians
Channelled by Lou Martin Transcript by Sinead Gill

Dear friends take a deep breath
Dear friends opening your heart gets easier to do when you trust
It is wonderful that you make these changes and choices
That stand up for the things you believe in and care about
When you do this without needing to make anyone wrong
Because of course nobody wants to be wrong everyone wants to be right including you
It is one of the most liberating phrases the channel has learned
“you might be right”
So you might be right dear friends about what you believe
We trust that you are for you
And we trust absolutely that you share with yourself your family and your world those things that you care about your values your believes your experiences
As we say here dear friends the most powerful teaching is always going to be through experience
It’s where you teach from
It’s where you share your ideas and believes from that place of experience
So dear friends you are the one who wants to protect the animals
Someone else wants to hunt the animals
Is one right and the other wrong
Dear friends they are different perspectives and that is what you came here for
You came to this world to find to share and to honour your perspectives
So dear friends it’s beautiful that you give yourself full permission to do that
And it is also beautiful when you allow others to do the same
Dear friends this is the energy of all the great healers and teachers in your world
All the great wisdom teachings Jesus and Buddha say
If you can imagine that this other person believes that they are right
If you can imagine that this other person believes that this is necessary or a good thing
Then you can start to find the mind-set in yourself that will help you understand how you changed from believing that it was a good thing or choosing to see things differently
Dear friends as you make that journey in yourself you are going to empower this journey to be made in the world by other

Take a deep breath

In other words dear friends coming back to letting go of assumptions
Don Miguel Ruiz says four agreements
Take nothing personally
Do your best
Keep your word
Make no assumptions
Assumptions are how the ego and the mind say “this is right” and “this is wrong”
Your turning the Rubic’s Cube around on yourself everyday
With time and space and the consciousness of the earth and the heavens supporting it
You are finding the things that used to feel good used to be normal used to be necessary that aren’t fitting so good any longer
So what are the new things
That’s where you bring your power
This is right for me
This feels good for me
This is my truth
This is what I’m committed to what I’m devoted to dedicated to
So again here when you give yourself permission to fully embody the things you care about and believe in and invite others to do the same you will find common ground
That is where healing will take place dear friends
Between you as the warriors of love and the world that is still so addicted to fear and struggle
So dear friends We
The cosmic We of spirit of your higher self and soul all the energies that we are bringing through in this moment we await permission in your personal reality for our energies to be more available to you
When you acknowledge that miracles happen
That is helpful
When you acknowledge that synchronicities happen
That is good
When you acknowledge that you are changing in new and wondrous ways
That is very positive
When you acknowledge that you followed your heart on an adventure and it was more than you ever imagined
All of these things dear friends help you to see yourself more clearly
So to come back to trust
You have trusted yourselves enormously
You are learning the power of that trust
The power of the faith in your believes and in yourself
No one else in your world may see things the way you do
They don’t need to
It’s not required
But what is essential why you came to this world
Dear friends so your voice could be heard so your part of the story could be told
No one can evict an idea whose time has come
There is nothing more powerful dear friends than ideas that are connected to the truth
Dear friends when those ideas that truth is in support of love
Loving Self
Loving Life
Loving Spirit
Loving Each other
Loving Nature
Loving the world
We promise you that love will find a way
The invitation here is to love yourself
To respect your ability
To listen to trust and follow your own inner guidance
And then dear friends let it carry you
Let it be like a leaf in the breeze
Here is my intention
Today spirit greater peace in my life
I’m grateful and thankful I know it is so
I’m going to let it carry me forward
Dear friends in innocence
Innocence that beautiful power
When you acknowledge how far you have come and you are willing to be innocent again
This is so important in love and relationships dear friends
You don’t always know in the moment what your beloved is going to need or want from you
But you will find it if you listen to your heart
You don’t always know in the moment what you need or want from yourself
But you will find it if you listen to your heart
The whole world is seeking answers outside in the pictures in the image in the surface of things
You Dear friends are invited to go within to get crystal clear
How beautiful you are
How loved you are
How powerful you are
How supported truly dear friends you are
Dear friends this is a wonderful time for you for your journey for your planet
A time of celebration

Begin every day we would suggest with a celebration of yourself what you know what you understand and most importantly what you are willing to trust in more than ever before

We bring our seven stars down touch the crown of your head
Take a deep breath
We give thanks for this time together dear friends
We recognise ourselves as equals

Peace and Blessings
We will meet again