Welcome To Your New World!

The whole universe now sings a song of freedom. 
Will you join in the chorus?  


Welcome To Your New World! 
The Light of Spirit is Alive and Awake Within You as Never Before! The Earth itself is vibrating and opening to More Life and Singing with Spirit in a Whole New Way! The stars in the heavens are reaching out to you, and holding forth with you, to bring Heaven to Earth,
it is time to invite all of Humanity to it’s truest vision, and of the gifts of life and the incredible untouched power of love and truth!

Who will you become in the dawn of this new day? We trust that YOU who read/hear these words will let LOVE be real and let LIGHT shine! To let your dreams, visions and desires be a part of the cosmic fabric of this wonder-filled time! 

Humanity is truly Ready! More than you know or more than you would dare to imagine.The collective consciousness of the world is ready for the Birth of a New Vision of Love and Truth! You are that Birth! As you embark into a whole new vibration of synchronicity and co-creation…of intimacy and love and healing deeper and more profound than your world has ever seen…

We want to offer you a reminder of how powerful and magnetic, and what a wonderful tool is  your voice is! Your magical voice is an aspect of your vibration and the energy and focus of your word which is one of the greatest tools to awaken your self and your world. You can and will move mountains! As you speak your affirmations, intentions, desires, prayers, to draw forth that which you desire, in this new time, you will see what is possible and easy that before was too difficult or too good to be true!

We’d like to suggest for you to say out loud, every day..what it is that you’re ready to experience! I am now ready for incredible love and joyous happiness and crazy abundance! Ok! I am now open and receptive to the greatest vision of the grandest version of my self in my life today! Use me Higher Self/ Holy Spirit for the greatest good that I can embody! I am ready! I am excited. I am available!

Each and every one of you are conscious, kind, caring, courageous, amazing spiritual beings. That’s true for everyone on the planet, but not everyone’s ready to believe that.
You are and that’s why we are here able to come and be with you in this way right now.

   You can NOW BE what you came here to BECOME! 

You can speak with honesty, confidence and clarity to the very air you breath, to the listening and loving Earth and all of Creation! The vibration of this new world will support you in experiencing that which you desire to know, all that you desire to be, and all that you long to understand! You can now call forth the light of love as YOU! You can take your power back, and as you are taking your power back,you can be as powerful as you want to be. Your true power of love and truth will be greatly needed.

The rise of the Divine Feminine has called you forth to be her eyes and arms and voice and strength for a world being born now. Because you are understanding Divine balance at this time on the planet.There are energies which create and build and love and heal, and there are those in your world which appear and attempt to do the opposite.They’re time is ending as yours begins! Your brightest future is going to be brought forth by coming to terms with who you are!

You are truly a consciously loving spiritual being using truth to create a new world. Coming to terms with making conscious choices and taking responsibility for having and being whatever you want has always been the key! Using your voice, vibration, intention will DRAMATICALLY speed this up for you!

The challenge, is..letting go, letting go, letting go, letting go! Of the ideas and beliefs which have created and supported experiences of pain and fear. Letting go of the pain and the fear, is what you came to help happen. Living in pain and fear has been, but is no longer, required by you, or by living on this planet Earth. The Earth desires your love and joy now, not any more struggle and suffering. The next years will demonstrate this with greater clarity and you will accept this with greater willingness.

Your mind might say…”If only, but dear friends that’s truly what’s available now. Who is ready willing and able to imagine a life without pain and fear? If you can believe it and feel it, then you will have it and bring this wonderful truth to others who are ready to be free as well. Every master you’ve ever studied with has told you the same. For so long the pain and the fear is a part of the journey home, you are not Home.

But now home has come to you! It is inside your heart and your cells and your reality. No journey required. Just conscious intention and deliberate vibration. There needs to be a choice in order for the choice to mean anything. There has to be an impact between one and the other. Choose to live free of pain and fear!

Your affirmations, your declaration, you commitment, your conscious focusing- all of that’s going to come and go and your going to move through it and do your best to come back to it. If you have a foundation of connecting to your Inner Self, a foundation to the Connected Self, we’d say, then you will quickly and easily come back to who you are eternally.

Then you’re going to feel good about who you are, and you’re going to feel good about your ability to make conscious choices. You are growing quickly-things are happening in your cells, in your unconscious, in the earth, in the stars in the atmosphere. Everything in your reality is getting a tune up. A big quantum leap of acceleration. But since all of it comes from All that is, it’s being offered through LOVE!

So to the degree and in the ways you love yourself that’s where you can receive these energies of 2013 and beyond.Take a breath into that. So you might then enjoy and celebrate YOU by giving yourself every day to that which you call God or Love, or Spirit!

I freely and fully give myself to the light of all that is! 

In the words of your very own choosing. It’s certainly for you to decide what God is, what God means to you. What God is all about for you and your life. As we say…”the heart knows what the mind struggles to believe. “When you listen to trust and follow your heart, God becomes more than a concept, God and Love becomes real, alive, available!

Pain and fear are only, no matter how real they feel, are only ever temporary separations from the fullness and the allness of who you really are of All that really is! You can choose to let them go now! You really truly can! You can grow and live on this world without pain and fear. And as you do this, and you will, then humanity will truly realize that something new is happening in this world and it will begin to want to live this way as well.

In between every lifetime you remember this. As our friends Abraham say, When you go to sleep at night, you remember this. The challenge, the invitation, the calling is to carry that with you. That willingness to trust your deepest self and to stay connected to that Self over and over again, until you become that Self!

Let your mind focus on your heart, which is your true north. Let your heart point you towards those things that you love. Those things that you love about life. Those things that you love about yourself. Those things that you want more of. And as we say…want what you want.

Let it be all right to know that it is the Universe’s greatest pleasure to surround you and support you with those experiences which are most meaningful, joyous and fun. Take a breath into that. Really let these ideas in. When you read or hear something in your studies that illuminates your Spirit…drink it in, repeat it, memorize it, say it out load until you begin to feel it sing inside you!

We leave you with love and peace and the blessings of these sacred times! We bring our 7 stars down through time and space to touch the crown of you head, as you take a deep breath. And let go of the old and breath into the New. This is what you’ve been preparing for! Enjoy Your Awakening! 

Peace and Blessings,

Lou Martin – Channel for the Pleiadians 
July 30 2013