You Are The Light That Eclipses The Darkness


It’s ironic that at the brightest light of the year, there’s still a lot to see in the darkness. This is an extraordinary year and a powerful moment within this year. The eclipses that begin and end the month of june 2011, as well as those that take place during the month, suggests quite a bit of emotional turmoil below the surface. The P’s say…To the degree that you’ve found your light, you can face your darkness.

It’s truly time to empty out any pains, fears and doubts, and root in to the deepest parts of ourselves. The light of heaven, through the downloads of grace from the great central sun, god, goddess, all that is, through our sun, and into our lives just keeps building and building. We keep getting invited, challenged and ultimately required to answer the call of our spiritual nature.
For those who are the lightworkers; who are here to awaken and inspire others to do the same… the amount of help, love and support just continues to expand and manifest in our world. So not only making peace with what is, letting go of the bonds and the chains of the past. But also reaching for and becoming the light of the world here and now.
If we will take time and make space for peace, as often and as deeply as possible, we will begin to sense and feel the joy and wonder that waits beneath the surface of who we thought we were. In the brilliant light of Summer, shine your light and share your love. Beginning with Self and extending to All that is!