Your Own Magical Inner Child

The way, the truth, the light and the peace within me…
is the peace around me.

There is nothing more powerful than when you humble Yourself
to the wisdom within you… and ask for help.

The power within you is ALWAYS GREATER than the power around you.
You will always know when you have made this shift because you will
not fear tomorrow, you will not fear the unknown, and you will not fear change.

Your future is within you already, and you find it by looking within
and bringing it forth in your innocence, in your peace and in your joy.

It’s not… if only. It is here and now.

You DO deserve to be happy.
You Can begin to remember what life is meant to be about.
You will at some point, in some lifetime, at long last, allow yourself to come home to love.
Why not now?

As you follow your breath, as you hear the beat of your heart, as you feel the pulse of blood flow through your veins, as you let your mind relax into your centre, your magical inner child is there with you. S/he is with you right now, is working on you even as we speak here tonight. Is coming closer, and getting clearer, with each and every one of you. Dear ones, you are in truth this magical inner child, and you came into this world not once, not 100 times, but thousands of times, to give yourself at long last, perhaps now, permission to look within and say… “Yes!”

Your hearts are opening wide and full, and you are moving into this beautiful, deeper place within yourself… to your inner child, your divine or magical inner child. To begin to really know that you are deserving! You Deserve! No one and nothing can stop you from having what you desire except for your own self judgment/self-doubt. You are always free to make the meaning of your life. You do this by choosing, moment by moment what you believe.

Your inner child IS HAPPINESS and JOY and they know how to bring you to this place of freedom within yourself, as you learn to listen, trust and to take inspired action in your daily life. You can begin to access the power of being your magical inner child. Then you can begin to feel safe enough to be playful, joyous, trusting, open, giving, creative, spontaneous and free.

This is what we want to talk about in terms of emotional healing, you are deserving, and if you can just work with that focus and begin to FEEL that, you will find powerful, powerful changes happening for you. Deserving has been resisted, it has been projected outside of yourself, it has been made mysterious and seemingly unknowable. Yet it is not any of these things to your Magical Inner Child.

Truly as we have heard your sharing here this evening, we so appreciate your openness, your vulnerability, your intimacy, all of what you’re creating together at this time. You’re all working on feeling more deserving, on being more deeply in touch with the fact, that you have a right to your happiness, that you have a right to be loved for who you are, and absolutely that you have a right to know that you are always safe loved and supported, that your inner guidance is for you and not against you, that all is well.

This is the energy that you have been seeking, from the inner work over the previous months that you’ve done, to prepare for the energies that are happening on the planet right now for millions of you… that you are not your ego, that you need not identify or give away your power to the denial of self, to release and make peace with the fears of your true self, that the heart is wiser than the mind, and that love is stronger than fear.

To understand that it is the “Truer You” that is creating your reality, and you are in here in this lifetime, to truly become a master at creating your reality, or shall we say, in order to become masters, you must first consciously learn to create your reality, by doing this you master that which you have come here to learn. Reality is your feedback system, and it works wonderfully well. It always tells you where you are at, with your consistent and honourable desires for happiness and joy.

So we ask you to play a game of pretend now, that as you go through the remaining energy of this time together, that you say…

What would it feel like to truly have what my heart’s desires whether I even know what they are consciously or not?

What would it feel like to know that I have all the financial resources I need to accomplish my goals?

What would it feel like to know that I am always safe, loved and supported?

What would it feel like….?

And to play this game of pretend with your magical inner child, for oh, lets see, how long I can go?

Can I feel this for perhaps the next few minutes?

Can I feel this, from time to time, for perhaps the next few hours?

To begin to understand that every time I daydream, every time I focus on how good it feels to know this to play in this way…to think of this, I am connecting with my magical inner child.

I am going to go into my deserving and loving and magical inner child.

To my magical inner child, just take a deep breath into that.

Dear friends you know that you are never happier in your life than when you feel safe to play and as we have said to many of you now many times you’ve had a lot of work and a lot of things to work on and that’s serious and that’s adult and sometimes that is absolutely necessary and sometimes it is absolutely unnecessary.

That’s the good news. So as was said here if you can take any little slice of time, a sliver of your day dear friends, to come into your playful self and to begin to imagine, to remember, to pretend…

What would it be like if everything in my life were working absolutely beautifully?

Who would I be then? You would be your magical inner child, each and every time, with greater strength and greater trust. And it just gets easier and more fun with practice.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to know that where I am living and how I am living are divinely and perfectly supported by my spirit and by mother earth?

The joy and happiness you feel as you begin to feel your way into those questions are gifts and treats to your magical inner child!

It is not when you have done your best and “failed” that is the cause of your suffering. It is all the possibilities and opportunities that you are daily creating for yourself that you turn your back on and resist which causes you the greatest pain and deepest longing.

You DO deserve to be happy. You Can begin to remember what life is meant to be about. You will at some point, in some lifetime, at long last, allow yourself to come home to love. Why not now?

Whatever you are releasing in your lives, we ask not only forgiveness for your Self, but also compassion, compassion – be with your fears, your hurts, your doubts, your worries, but become gentle with them: this also your magical inner child can help you with.

As you stop holding yourself back, they will take you by the hand and whisper the words you have so often longed to hear…”Let me help you. Let me love you. Let me show you how.”

We have given that message more than a few times and we are happy to repeat it here. Be gentle with your fears, your doubts, your worries, your hurts. That is what compassion is. It is caring for yourself or another because you know that you matter. You are remembering that your choices are pregnant with meaning and possibility.

Is there a meaning for struggle, for pain, for fear? Yes of course there is because dear ones you are brilliant and bright and beautiful spiritual lights and you will find meaning in any situation no matter how difficult or challenging. And can it be different dear friends? Oh Goodness you have no idea how different it is going to be for you, that is truly the good news here.

So rather than ever be afraid of the unknown or change, we ask you to come into that alignment with your magical inner child. To say ‘Dearest Magical Inner Child, I do not know how to be playful about this, I do not know how to be light about this, I do not know how to be innocent about this. Will you help me? They will always respond with love.

Is this a part of love? In relationship you want and need and deserve your innocence again, to truly open your heart and dance and sing and make love and all those perfectly wonderful moments that life is meant to be about. To come back to your worthiness, your deserving, to feel truly and fully ALIVE! Your magical inner child holds that for you and shares that with you.
Ask them to love you and to help you to remember.

There is nothing more powerful than when you humble yourself to the wisdom within you and ask for help.

You’re knowing now that you’re not just your mind or your body but these are of course vibrational measuring devices, rudders that steer the ship, when your mind is in confusion, when your body is in exhaustion, ask for help from your magical inner child. You are their future. You are the co-creator of their dreams. You are the full flowering of their possibilities and desires for LOVE.

Your innocence is so powerful. But YOU are here to bring the something new, something different into your world. What’s the phrase here ‘without a vision the people perish’.

You are very connected, each and every one of you, to the vision of this earth, and the vision of this beautiful, sacred country, that all of you are a part of here and now, and for have been for more than a few previous lifetimes and may choose to be in the future as well.

Ireland has a purpose to fulfil in the world, it has a destiny, it holds a unique vibration of compassion and creativity, of being a voice for the heart of humanity and the earth, which it speaks about here once again.

And there are these powerful sacred places where you can go in your mind, in your imagination, or physically, literally however you like. In these journeys you can remember your worthiness, your deserving, your innocence and you can be humble and receptive in the face of power that is greater than what you in the moment can understand.

The power within you is ALWAYS GREATER than the power around you.

You will always know when you have made this shift because you will not fear tomorrow, you will not fear the unknown and you will not fear change.

You are the clay and the universe is shaping you in this lifetime of lifetimes, as our friend Abraham says you can either resist or go willingly but dear friends, you are going either way and that is the good news! Either way there is a growing, expanding and awakening sense within your self that you are going…somewhere unimagined, somewhere innocent and new.

All these wonderful changes that are happening in your world, they are once again reflections of self, nothing more and nothing less, your friend here Krishnamurti and many others have been saying for a long time, the Buddha and Yeshua Jesus ‘You are the world’ ‘See your reflection in your life’ ‘Fall in love with the echo’ . It’s the same ‘as above so below’ ‘as within so without’ there are signs in heaven and earth.

So anything, anything that is a part of your dance now from here on in, we ask you to take joyous responsibility, innocent worthy and deserving of all you are, and to play with it.
If you see something about – here’s a food shortage or there’s a problem here or there’s another bit of violence there. Can you bring the magical inner child to this situation and have compassion first of all for those that are creating the worst of it?

Can you play with it? Can you be a God, a Master, a Co-Creator in this world? Can you say ‘Yes I could see how that could be a reality and I could see how I could create or begin to focus a different possibility into this reality’.

As we’ve said before, we’ll say it again, it’s all about peace. Peace is the beginning and peace is the end and thus peace is the way. The way, the truth, and the light, and the peace within me…is the peace around me. What a lovely affirmation!

It’s all about peace, no matter how deeply you come to peace in your lives each and every day.

With practice with your magical inner child you will find that this will be easier to do, and you will find yourselves giving yourselves greater permission to meditate, to pray, to truly go within and know, whatever that means to you. Because peace is Fun! Having access to inner peace creates the space for happiness, joy and fun to happen.

It is essential in terms of you taking your power back and you know how to easily and elegantly find and come to and come from your centre. It’s going to matter more, and more and not less in the years ahead dear ones.

Granting the permission, the reality and truth that I Am.

I Am Divine. I am Safe. I am Worthy. I am deserving of all I desire for my highest good and greatest joy, with good for all and harm to none, it is done!
The last thing we will say to you is simply this.

Anything and everything in your life that feels like it is a struggle, like you must force yourself, that you should, would, could, etc. Please look at these very closely, and ask your magical inner child if they cannot help you to find a more joyous, a more elegant and a more meaningful way?

We will close to you by simply pointing this out. That struggle, yes, it can create meaning and it must, in order for you to find your joy once again. But in this time of healing, growth and love, making meaning with struggle is not about being the victim, feeling powerless, being punished, feeling guilty, or any of those things.

So when you see struggle come up in your life and your looking for greater permission in that moment to find a better, more spiritual, more expanded, and more innocent way to create meaning, invite your magical inner child to help you and they will.

Joy is not spurious, not irrelevant, and not oh yes when you can fit it in – dear friends, joy is your bread and butter, the roof over your heads, joy is the car you drive, joy is with you in each and every breath, when you

Its going to sound too simple, its going to sound too easy, its going to sound too good to be true, as is said here for many in your world, that’s alright. But if it makes a bit of sense to you, then dear ones we have served our purpose here this evening.

We trust each of you to make the best decision you know how to, in each and every situation, and then absolutely to trust the situation to reveal the joy within it, its purpose, your elegance and dear ones, your destiny.

So with that magical inner child now most in your consciousness, clearly in your consciousness we ask the two of you just to sit and have a few moments together perhaps chat, to listen to, to blend with their energies, if they have some thoughts, and ideas and inspirations for you…to let that unfold. We’ll hold the space here.

Your future is within you already, and you find it by looking within and bringing it forth in your innocence, in your peace and in your joy.

Its not if only, it is here and now.

The Beings of Light

Lou Martin Channel
Liz McCullugh Transcription